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Quick question about iso e
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RE: Quick question about iso e
10-28-2017 4:24 AM

Damn it. I wanted everyone to tell me all the time just like the cologne posters/commenters.

Yes, it would be nice. This can be a function of many things like the perceived beauty or lack thereof that a fragrance may exhibit, the diffusion rate etc...but, not to be trivialized, the degree of social norm. Whereas in some Western cultures it is perfectly acceptable to compliment a perfect stranger on their aroma, it may be unacceptable in other cultures....save if the people are acquainted, know each other. Moreover, the gender of the complimenter vs the gender of the complimentee e.g. despite the fact that a woman may actually like a fragrance from a strange man on the street, she may be inhibited and thus, keep the thought to herself. Perhaps, I am stating the obvious...but just say'in the various variables of fragrance and the context of the given society may vary the frequency of compliments towards the wearer.

But back to the topic at hand, yes I believe that it is olfactory fatigue in this particular case. One must also watch for the ISO E as it can trigger allergic reactions in not only the wearer, but also a potential target. As has already been mentioned on another thread, some wearers here experienced adverse skin reactions. Similarly, respiratory allergies may be triggered in both the wearer as well as a potential target(s). Couple of weeks ago, I went out to do some shopping errands one evening applying Swoon (2- 4 drops) and Encre Noire (strong frag; 45% ISO) as cover (usually 2-3 sprays over mone app while still wet). One woman in a pharmacy at the counter (perhaps 1 meter/3 ft) suddenly started to cough uncontrollably and her eyes started to water. I quickly figured out that it was because of the fragrance. Somewhat amused, I innocently asked what the trouble was (as if I didn't know!). Perhaps, she didn't want to hurt my feelings but she replied, 'Oh, I get this way when it's almost closing time ...' She promptly moved away from me. Most people I interacted with that particular night did not react like this woman; she looked like she got an allergic reaction. I would say that my application of about 2-3 sprays wasn't excessive for most targets save for the most sensitive, allergic, woman on that part of their cycle, haters of that fragrance etc. I KNOW FOR A FACT that when I applied more, way more sprays of this particular frag on another occasion...one male cashier started to cough along with an elderly lady behind me in line and he remarked to the older woman, 'I think somebody must've gone wild with the sprayer...'

The point being that in both occasions, I could no longer really sense the fragrance that I was sporting...but, it soon became obvious that others could definitely sense it. As I remember, it was several hours (at least 3 hours) after I had applied the fragrance.
10-28-2017 4:24 AM
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