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Power Maschio!
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Power Maschio!
11-06-2011 9:53 AM

OK, I managed to steal Alpha M (new base) from my brother. The guy loves the stuff but he's not got the time to do it justice (he's going to be working 12 hours shifts for a while).

My past and current assessment of AM in the form of an equation:

Working out + Raging Bull + James Bond on Steroids = The raw power of AM.

Man I feel pumped on this stuff, forgot just how potent AM was. I'll also add that I've been lifting heavy recently and that's added a super charged effect to any masculine mones I wear.

2 sprays from to go to neck. Have to smear it around as the Alpha dream base/carrier takes longer to dry down.

YSL L'homme
(Question for Chris "“ does applying cologne over the new base change its effectiveness?)

Self effects:
Power confidence. Far more self assured with body language that reflected it.

I had the preconception that this version might be smoother due to the different base but the efficacy was close enough to my big bottle version that I couldn't discern any real difference between the two in terms of effectiveness.

Effects on others:
A couple of passing acquaintances were unfortunately but clearly intimidated with one guy excusing himself and leaving half way through small talk. Another guy was massively more respectful, wanting to keep in touch (professionally) and be best buddies (he was an older gent) but certainly has never reacted to me in this way, our research fields are significantly different.

Some early 20's girls floated around whilst I was smoking would not stop staring but would not make prolonged eye contact either. Intimidation, no doubt however, this middle eastern girl who I know via my old boss was gushing (not there and not literally lol) once I started up a convo. I hate to use the term but she really did seem star struck, she was like glue. I'm not attracted to her so wasn't really wanting any reactions from her but she was flirty as hell, completely out of character. I won't hazard a guess at her age as I might be waaaay off lol. Met with my female friend and old "˜sparring' ;) ;) partner, we don't do anything these days as she's now taken but man, all the old signs were there and the friendly teasing got great reactions, her body language looked primed but obviously I wouldn't react on it. The friendly teasing was critical in avoiding the potential awkwardness/uncomfortable-ness of wearing a strong sexual product with her.

The cool confidence also drew a ton of stares and shy smiles.

ALL of this was during the day time, I figured that the base might make it more pliable during the day but nope, still a hard core hitter all the same.

Had initially figured that the base would change the hits but completely happy with the new base. Still would not recommend it for day time, not without Glace or another buffer (I didn't use a buffer at all). A fantastic sexual product but needs to be saved for sexy times.

I will add, I felt working also influenced things as well.
11-06-2011 9:53 AM
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