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Pherotruth.com is on the AD Blacklist
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Pherotruth.com is on the AD Blacklist
10-07-2009 4:40 PM

I just got this PM at PheroTalk:

Quote:Hello Gegogi,

Jasmin and Michael have requested that you please refrain from posting or PM any links to mark-in-dallas pheromone website pheromone truth.[IMG]webkit-fake-url://626DC8DC-E44F-428B-B246-7BA41724CA12/pastedGraphic.pdf" alt="pastedGraphic.pdf[/IMG]

As such I have removed the mention of said website from your post.

Steve O

And yes I did mention PheroTruth once in passing in a post. So looks like PheroTruth is on the AD blacklist. A list they once claimed is limited to the "bad guys": unscrupulous business practices, unethical behavior, legal activities, etc. Odd that it's okay to mention the Love Scent forum but not this one. After all, this is not a business but a place of discussion. There is no competition or conflict of interest. And indeed this is a place where the few members have cast AD products in the most favorable light. Extremely favorable light. I'd think an independent source of information and/or discussion would be both supported and welcomed.

And I think this also implies they're reading PMs. Kind of a disappointment as I expected a little better from them.

Ah don't wanna pickle...just wanna ride mah motosickle! Twisted
10-07-2009 4:40 PM
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Pherotruth.com is on the AD Blacklist - Gegogi - 10-07-2009 4:40 PM

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