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Pheromone Testing & Reporting 101
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Pheromone Testing & Reporting 101
05-20-2021 12:02 PM

Pheromone Testing 101:

Of late I’ve seen a lot of newer members sort of languishing in the whole “how do I actually take these pheromones for a test-drive” area. There’s plenty of information on how to go about testing, what not to do, and on individual products, but there isn’t really anything on beginning testing in general…well, not all in one place that is. While far from a definitive guide, this will help to get you started.

Before we jump into how to go about testing, it wouldn’t hurt to gloss over these other posts, also written by my long-winded and opinionated self, that cover some other points here at pherotruth.

Newbie Forum Etiquette

Top 10 Why Your Pheromones Are Not Working

Here are some general pointers, in no special order, that might help you in testing your new pheromones and reporting them to us here:

I’m not a scientist:
Now we do have some serious scientists here at pherotruth. Think that one over for just a bit. There are for-real degreed scientists here that are pheromone enthusiasts. How cool is that? This means that highly intelligent, very knowledgeable people know that pheromones are amazing and effective. But here’s the really cool part for us non-sciency plebs. You don’t need to be a scientist in order to test pheromones accurately.

What you do need to do is to be able to determine the difference between happenstance, luck, the stars-aligning for you in a perfect storm, and the effects of pheromones. All you need to do is to be able to remove your ego from the equation and then play Mall Cop—observe and report. By removing one’s ego I mean that you should neither attribute nothing to your pheromones nor everything to your pheromones. You do this by doing the following:

Establish your baseline:
This is, by far, the most important thing you can do before you begin testing your pheromones. Your baseline is merely how others, especially strangers, respond to you under normal circumstances. If you want to be scientifically-minded about things, this is your “control”. One’s baseline is unique to us only.

Before you begin testing, take some time and go out and about and interact with people in your normal fashion. Take note, in retrospect, of vocal tones, how people posture themselves around you, what they say, whether or not they engage with you or merely tolerate you, body language, facial expressions, and more. To establish a good baseline for yourself you need to really be as objective as is possible. This is not always so easy.

In short, you need to detach your emotions from your actions and treat everything as if you were an outside, objective, observer. While it may pain you to later figure out that the cute cashier you were chatting with was really giving off signs of boredom and disinterest, you do need to know these things. Not only can you use these things later as areas for improvement, but it is of paramount import that you know how others perceive you in order to note how pheromones change those perceptions.

One at a time:
For initial testing you should only be testing one product at a time. Yes, many experienced members use combinations of all sorts of pheromones and products. Resist the urge. In order to effectively test a combination of products or pheromones one needs to know the individual ones through and through. If you’re new, or just trying out a new product, you need to learn that product in detail before you go on applying a kitchen-sink mix.

Apply Gently:
There are a few different types of bottles the vendors sell their products in. There are spray nozzles, Euro droppers, squeeze bulb droppers, and some even have little plastic wands that you dip and spread. Go to the manufacturer’s website and check out their recommended application guidelines. Most will say something like “apply 2-3 sprays”.

Give your bottle a nice extended shake to ensure that all the active ingredients are properly blended and apply to your pulse points. In some instances, such as a dropper, you may take a finger and very, very gently spread the liquid about a little bit. However do not use pressure.
Don’t rub the pheromones into you, just let them lay there on your skin and dry naturally. This is called the dry-down time. Once they have fully dried on your skin they are now applied.

Pulse Points:
You can do any internet search to find the best application points for perfumes and colognes. For pheromones, it is the same thing. The premise is to apply your pheromones to points on your body that will have the best diffusion. Diffusion is caused primarily by warmth and/ or movement. Typical pulse points are the Adam’s apple, the sides of the neck (right over the cardioid arteries), the pulse points behind the ears, the sides of the chest near the armpits, the inner wrists, and a few other places. Non heat-related points include the hair, shoulders (especially if she’s going to be leaning her head on your shoulders any time soon), and the inner legs (believe it or not).

Apply your cover scent (if needed):
Lots of pheromones come with a scent already built in. Some scents are better than others and we all have our own personal favorites. However, just because you bought “unscented” pheromones does not mean that they have no scent. Unscented actually means that they didn’t add any scent to the product. Pheromones, in general, stink. Some people are very sensitive to the odor of pheromones, some not so much.
A cover scent can be applied either overtop or beside the application points. Myself, I prefer to apply my covers adjacently as I feel that it allows the pheromones more freedom to waft my magcik goodness unto others, but that is just how I feel. Others apply their cover scents directly overtop and the results are just fine.

Lean into the self-effects:
Not all pheromones give the user self-effects. Self-effects are a slight alteration of our mood, mentality, attitude, and sometimes even visual and audible perceptions. Not everyone experiences self-effects, either. If you do get self-effects when you are initially testing, lean into them. These slight alterations will give you some insight into how others will initially perceive you. They also give you some indication of how to act congruent to the product.

Act Congruent:
If you’ve bought some pheromones you’ve probably read up on the reviews other members have written. You should have at least some idea of the overall aura the product will project. In order for pheromones to really be effective you need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. If you put on a social product and still act all introverted, you will be gravely disappointed. If you put on a strong macho-alpha product and act like a subdued beta male you will also feel let down.

In the Top Ten reasons why your pheromones aren’t working, one of the points is expecting them to do the work for you and another is not acting congruent with the product. Pheromones cannot and do not make up for you not acting according to the signals you’re giving off.
Acting in congruency means that your words, body language, postures, facial expressions, tone, voice, and actions all align with the impression your pheromones are giving off. If you do not do this you are giving off a fake and unrealistic impression and not much, if anything, will happen.

Go out and observe:
This is where I, again, quote Søren Kierkegaard. One cannot fly into flying. What this means is that before you fly you must first learn to crawl, to walk, to run, to jump. In pheromone testing this means that one does not pour on some pheromones and then walk into Mordor. You wouldn’t take a single boxing lesson and schedule a heavyweight prize fight, would you? Don’t expect larger-than-life results on your first outing, or at all for that matter.

The first things you want to evaluate is how people’s attitudes towards you have changed. Are people more or less friendly? Do you get stares and smiles above and beyond your baseline? Check your baseline later, in hindsight, and for now just have fun, go with the flow, and enjoy things and yourself. Later you will mull over what has happened and determine what role the pheromones played in that.

Strangers & Others:
Keep in mind that while pheromones do give you a boost, they are not magic potions (yes, we all wish). While they do give you an overall enhancement according to the product’s foci, they do not counter reality. An extreme example of this is the “how do I make a lesbian want my cock” lines of questions that crop up here from time to time. Sorry, fellas, they don’t work that way.

With that in mind, it is easier to gauge reactions from strangers than it is from people that know you well. People that know you well, especially girlfriends and spouses, already have a very deep and strong impression of you in their minds. This is intellectual and emotional and based upon each and every moment they’ve ever been with you. In short, they have already decided exactly how you make them feel. Some bottled liquid will not totally reframe that reality for them. those that know you well can (and usually will) alter their opinions about you with extended exposure and acting congruent, but it will take time.

The quicker discerning factor is in how random strangers end up treating you. Provided that you aren't sabotaging yourself by acting in ways that conflict with the pheromones, you'll be able to judge their reaction much more readily than you will those of people that you know well.

Do Not Scatter Bomb:
If you are testing out multiple products it is best that you work with, and become familiar with, one product at a time. If you try out a social product one day, a sexual the next, and then a man-among-men alpha product the day after you run the risk of sending conflicting and confusing signals to people around you, as well as total strangers.

There is always some residual pheromone left after the application expires and that can offset the effects of another product. Mainly, though, you want to avoid sending out confusing and random signals to the same people time and time again. If your target(s) gets one impression of you one day, and then another, and then yet again another, they will come to subconsciously believe that there is just something off about you and that will belay any accuracy in your testing.

Wash those babies off when done:
When you are done, or the next morning if everything goes well, make sure that you wash off your application points. Witch Hazel, Lava Soap, and others are very effective in helping to remove the pheromones on your skin.

Pheromones can build up on your body over time. This buildup causes diminishing returns and sullied signals to others.

Increase or Decrease slowly:
With pheromones more isn’t always more. In fact, with some products less is more. If the dosage seems to be too light for you then don’t double or treble your dose; increase it by one or one-half drop or spray and see what happens. The same thing goes for decreasing application volumes. You want to find your ‘sweet spot’.

Also, if you find an application volume that seems to work well for you, adding more won’t necessarily increase the results. Pheromones actually have a diminishing returns sort of thing going on. Just because you get good results at 3 sprays does not mean that you will get amazing results at 6 sprays. You’ll more than likely project an aura that is a lampoon of yourself or just not realistic for the image you give off.

Your ‘sweet spot’ is the application volume for any particular product that seems to work the best on you. It is a totally individual thing and it is tethered to your body chemistry, physiology, personality, and other factors and intangibles. Your perfect dose is not necessarily another’s.

Test more and more:
Once you’ve taken your pheromones for the first few test drives, do it again and again. You’ll begin to see how your altered projection to others makes them act and react differently and you can then begin to press those points and see where it takes you. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it takes more than going out to your local grocery store to determine all the ins and outs of any particular blend.

I’m not an author:
I actually think we have fewer members that are authors than we do scientists. You may not write well, but that really doesn’t matter. Some of us are very eloquent and verbose, some of us not so much. We are not here to correct your grammar and grade your composition; we are here because we want to learn from your experiences.

Write as yourself as if you were talking to a close friend. Don’t worry about it and if somebody gives you crap about how you write tell them to take a hike. We all want to know how things unfolded for you, so let us know.

The Devil is the Details (and my pants):

Put as many details into your test reports as you can. While there are many things that you may feel are totally unimportant, others might be able to point out something that you didn’t note. Plus, here at pherotruth we’re like a ladies gossip group, we want to know everything. I cannot tell you how many times a newer member has tried a pheromone and detailed his evening out and about, describing hit after hit to the point you’d think it was the Hot 100 countdown (where the hits keep on coming) and then say “so, nothing happened, this product is a dud.”

Give as much data as you care to, and then some more. This will not only help us all learn from each other, but it will help you immensely as others will dwell on every detail with the frenzy and dedication that makes internet fan-trolls seem like amateurs.

Facts, Feelings, and conjecture:
When you are relaying your experiences in testing pheromones make certain to keep facts and events as just that and hopes, dreams, and conjecture and those. If you are tempted to report “I could have….” That is conjecture, hoping, and dreaming. Did you? “I felt that I could have” and “I think that I could have” are the proper way to relay those sorts of things. This happened, she said that, and she did this thing are all facts and events.

Yes you should share your impressions, your thoughts, your hopes, and your conjecture; just make certain to label them as such.

The pheromone isn’t working for me:
This sometimes happens. I have several hundred dollars invested into pheromones that don’t work for me. Not every product works for every person; it is just the luck of the draw. If you net zero results at first, don’t despair. Try a higher (or lower) dose and keep trying until you are so bored with it not working for you that it is time to move on to another product that hopefully will work for you.

And yes, report that to us as well; it is very important. However, just because a product doesn’t work for you does not mean that is garbage. It only means that it didn’t work for you, personally. A product not working for you is to be expected from time to time; bad mouthing a product because it didn’t work for you is a quick way to notoriety. We’re all people here and nobody enjoys spending their time and money to try out products, test them thoroughly, and report their findings for the benefit of others only to be called a liar in a backhanded kind of way because some other guy tried it and it didn’t work for him. If you love Sex Panther and I try it and I think it sucks, does that change how it works for you? Nope, it sure doesn’t, but me coming on here and blabbering about how it sucks and how all the positive reviews are crap will certainly rile you up a bit.

If it doesn’t work for you, then yes, please, tell us about it. Also, if you can, tell us why you think it didn’t work. This is important to know.

Pheromones Vs. Baseline:
This is the tricky and somewhat subjective part. When testing pheromones, we’re gauging the reactions and responses of others. This means that it is up to us to decide what was the pheromones, what was us, and what was pure blind chance. This is not necessarily easy. You need to again look to your baseline, ponder the things that happened, make your best judgement call while trying to account for all the factors, and then decide.

The important thing is to know, and be comfortable with, how people normally react to you and respond to you. For example, I get a decent amount of attention when I’m out and about. Just because I go out wearing pheromones and get a decent amount of attention doesn’t mean that the pheromones are fantastic; it merely means that I’m being me. Look for differences, no matter how subtle they may seem, and go from there. What was different, easier, harder, faster, smoother? Those are the things you should be looking to perceive.

When you take a test outing and subtract your baseline, everything that is left might (and very well could be) pheromones.

Reactions and Hits Can Be Subtle:
Here's the rub with this. Some of us (me especially so) are very enthusiastic and very descriptive. Those reports read like a romance novel or Penthouse forum. the reason for this, contrary to the belief of some, is not that these people are full of hot air; it is because these members are socially adept, know a thing or two about their areas of interest (such as seduction), and are astute enough to pick up on subtle cues that others would probably miss.

However, for most of us, IOI's (Indicators of interest) and 'hits' can be very subtle, sometimes nearly imperceptible. You 'll have to work on your social awareness, especially with ladies showing their interest in you, and start paying attention to those hidden doors when they open. Just remember, you miss every chance you do not take and you miss every shot you do not see.

A subtle sign is still a sign and the reason why some guys get amazing results is because they see the sign, take the shot, and build it up once they get that intertia going.

Don’t over analyze:
When you are out and testing you should be out and testing, not evaluating and pondering right then and there. You need to turn, turn, turn. There is a time to plant and a time to reap, a time to laugh and a time to weep. What this means is that when you are out and testing you need to stay the hell out of your own analytical head.

It is far too easy to get mentally caught up in the moment and start thinking “was that a hit? Is this working? Maybe it is? I don’t know? Is she into me?” By the time your mind goes through analyzing each and every little nuance, the moment is gone and so is ‘she’. If you over analyze things, you’ll end up cutting your own legs out from under yourself. Not only does that suck, but it destroys your chances of success and will lead you to the conclusion that the pheromones aren’t working for you.

Go out and boldly test and enjoy yourself in the moment. Then, later, ponder everything and decide. If you get too deep in your own head trying to figure out if things are or are not working it will counter everything because others will perceive you as distracted and off in your own little world of a daze.

The idea is really just to establish how you are, according to others, on your own, apply the pheromones, and then note the differences and report as objectively as you can. Include everything, but make sure to label non-facts as just that. Then repeat the process, including adding any new revelations about the product you're testing, until you've become completely familiar with the product.

Hopefully, this will help with those, how do I test this properly questions. Now go forth and conquer the world!

Isn't Life Actually the Kobayashi Maru? Click to Read My Journal: Gladen's Grimoire
05-20-2021 12:02 PM
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The Love God

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RE: Pheromone Testing & Reporting 101
05-20-2021 4:31 PM

That is awesome! Excellent advice.

“Funny guys are dangerous. They’ll make you laugh, and laugh, and laugh then boom, you are naked.”

“Charm is the way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clearly defined question” - Oscar Wilde
05-20-2021 4:31 PM
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RE: Pheromone Testing & Reporting 101
05-20-2021 6:41 PM

where was this when i need it facepalm but great job Gladen. but to be fair me and you been going back and fourth through messages touche
05-20-2021 6:41 PM
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the Sun God

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RE: Pheromone Testing & Reporting 101
05-21-2021 1:17 AM

Lots of pre-digested information there. Good post - all newbies must read. All veterans must read to be reminded. Hehe
05-21-2021 1:17 AM
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