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(Online) Dating Tips
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(Online) Dating Tips
08-30-2021 11:47 PM

Online dating is only 1 channel for meeting women but certainly viable if you're wise about it. Here are some things I've noticed in over 10+ years of experience. This isn't scientific, its anecdotal. I hope it helps in some way or is at least entertaining!

1) Avoid the crazies: this is subjective but let's keep it real, they exist. If she has a novel for a profile, especially each section of her profile, avoid like the plague. If she leans too far into either end of the political spectrum, swipe left. Excessive tattoos, piercings, and hair colors...unless you also look like that, abort.

2) She has to have a full body shot: this is a minimum. Hopefully its recent as well. For example, sometimes I'll see a face or general upper body build and assume she has the hips to match but then she has a pair of grasshoppers below. You should absolutely have one too. But if she doesn't have one, its suspect.

3) Filter by height: unless you have a fetish for taller women, filter women by those shorter than you by at least a few inches ideally. They like wearing heels and platform shoes and such, so if you're 5'9" and she's 5'8", odds are she'll be taller than you on many occasions. If you're like 6 feet tall and up, you don't have to be concerned.

4) Avoid the bots: I don't want to insult your intelligence but if she only has a bunch of filtered pics loaded with makeup and only an Instagram handle in her profile, she's probably a bot.

5) Pay attention to distance: if you have a car, you can date at your own discretion though I'd advise keeping it within 10-15 miles. Logistics are important. I hate neutral site dates!! I always try to have them meet me at...the spot hahahaha. There's a nice bar about 10 minutes walking distance from my house and if they meet me there, there's greater than a 50% chance they're coming back to my place.

6) Don't rush: on that note, don't press for the first date lay too hard. I've found 2nd date is the sweet spot for intimacy. Dating takes a lot of time/energy/money to a degree, so ideally you want more than a ONS unless she's a beast and you need to clean your pipes lol. Keep this in mind when choosing who to swipe right on...just because you can doesn't mean you should.

7) 2 hours: is the unofficial time limit of a first date. If she has a second drink, she's probably down to get physical. Sit next to her, not across from her if possible. Grab seats at the bar to facilitate that.

8) Be conscious of momentum: dates scheduled 2 weeks out are almost dead in the water. Keep them within 7-9 days if possible. Utilize texting to stoke the fire and set the frame, but not too much. I'm not going to invest a lot of energy into someone I have yet to meet.

9) Love the odds: I used to aim for a 25-33% response rate. That could actually be beneficial for someone in the single digits for lays but these days, that would be hell!! 3 dates a week is my limit, but usually I can only do 2. Be grateful when they flake!

10) Enjoy yourself!! Whether things 'work out' or not, you can't get that time back, so aim to have a good time. I'm on these sites for 2 weeks max. By then, I'm already talking to too many people or I've exhausted the local dating pool. I don't want it to become a chore, so when it's no longer serving me, I'm out.
08-30-2021 11:47 PM
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