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Old unfulfilled AD order credit for new Androtics site
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Old unfulfilled AD order credit for new Androtics site
04-25-2019 12:49 AM

Kind of a long post, but TL;DR: I received credits for my old unfulfilled Androtics Direct orders to use on the new Androtics site...

I made two orders with Androtics Direct when they were having...issues...with fullfilling orders. Some of you may know that many customers never received their orders from AD before they closed down and moved onto the new Androtics site. That included me.

On March 14, 2019 I inquired on the new Androtics site as to if they would fullfil old AD customer orders. I thought Fuck it. It wouldn't hurt to try. So I left a note on their site as follows using the email address I originally ordered with:

"I was wondering if the backlogged orders from Androtics Direct were still being fulfilled or not. I look forward to hearing your reply. Thank you. Best regards, (LastDragon)"

I received this response via email a few minutes later:


Thank you for your message. We'll do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Bear in mind, Androtics.com is a startup and our team is very lean (few) and *very* green (new).

There are a lot of bugs in our email, chat, and fulfillment systems yet, and we are still finding our footing in this new environment. We sincerely thank you for your patience as we all grow together.

We appreciate if you'd allow at *least* one business day for one of us to personally respond. Weekends, holidays, and after a newsletter may take considerably longer.

For now, rest easy that someone is working magic behind the scenes for you and will update shortly."

I waited a week to see if they would respond, but saw nothing, so I figured they just disregarded me and forgot about it.

Well suprise to me! Over a month later, on April 18, I actually received a response from them:

"Hello, (LastDragon)

I looked up your old Androtics Direct order and since our store is under different ownership and has different inventory than Androtics Direct, I couldn't duplicate your order from there. But I've done the next best thing: I've gone ahead and made you a credit for our store you can use at any time.

I also sneaked an extra credit in there for your long wait. :o)

Your original order amount: $619.25 & $148.95 =$768.20

Your new credit amount: rounded up to $800

Follow this link: (Don't follow this link lol, I replaced the discount code #'s with *'s)


When you follow that link, simply shop and the credit should be automatically applied at checkout.

If after you browse and need any help selecting new items, please feel free to contact me! I love helping you select what's best for your personal body chemistry. The best way to contact me is through chat on our store when you're shopping, but if I'm off hours you can always tap reply to this email with your age and goals and I can give you my educated rundown.

Thanks again for writing in, and welcome back to the Androtics family!"

I followed the link and it seemed to just take me to the Androtics site, so I added some products to my cart and hoped for the best. The discount was indeed applied to my order and I ended up buying some stuff from them (Molecule C/TAC, AMMO, TUPT) at a total of $802, but with the credit discount, I paid $2 out of pocket.

My order is expected to arrive on April 25th and I am glad I am finally getting something out of the orders I placed with AD so long ago. The only thing is that with their current prices, I couldn't order near the same amount of product that I would have received with my original orders, so that kind of sucks.

Now, I can say that my customer service experience with the new Androtics has been pretty positive with all this in mind, but I can't say that I'll be doing any business with them in the future.

The product selection is extremely limited compared to what they offered in the past, not to mention the prices seem to be substantially marked up and many products only come in 5ml bottles, a small amount for the purchase price. Their products seem far too expensive for what they offer, and there are many comparable products available from other vendors at much more reasonable prices. I'm a fan of PT and LAL products so far, and am looking forward to trying products from PXS and others as well.

Anyway, I can't say this will work for anyone else who had unfulfilled AD orders, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try. They are a "new startup" after all and they may not be able to afford to give away credit to all the people with unfulfilled AD orders.
04-25-2019 12:49 AM
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RE: Old unfulfilled AD order credit for new Androtics site
04-25-2019 7:30 AM

That's nice except for the fact that you didn't get what you initially ordered.

Well, thinking about it now....they had your money for over a year (yes?). Where is the interest on your money?

It also seems to me that your $800 is worth less than half of it's value since the new Androtics company doubled and in some cases nearly tripled the price of some products.

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence."--- Vince Lombardi
04-25-2019 7:30 AM
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