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Nude Alpha + Grail of Affection (NA + GOA)
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RE: Nude Alpha + Grail of Affection (NA + GOA)
12-20-2018 3:36 AM

(12-18-2018 3:57 AM)seekingnirvana Wrote:  I've done testing on both of these mixes for quite some time. For me personally i've seen more results using NA + Androstadienone (By LAL).

The Androstadienone by LAL is hands down the best Androstadienone i've ever used in terms of results and lack of self-effects.
Not to say that GOA isn't good because it is the second best Androstadienone that i've used but the price also reflects.
GOA and LAL Androstadienone give different vibes for me. LAL Androstadienone doesn't give that much of a crushy feeling like GOA but a deep connection feeling.
It also comes off more natural and definitely Geary wasn't joking when adding Androstadienone to NA.
This has got to be the best combo i've ever used in terms of seeing results with women.

I've worn NA + Androstadienone around alot of girls in closed environments cars mostly.
Most of the time in the car rides they would feel comfortable and completely spill their beans to me.
Wearing this combo around a girl a couple times almost guarantees that they will develop feelings for you.
Unless you act like a complete asshole or do things completely against the vibe that NA + Androstadienone creates.
I've had awkward moments that turned quite bad with this combo on as well.
Humans are very intelligent and powerful if they sense something is not right no pheromones in the world will change that.
Pheromones are only here to help highlight or enhance a social situation, but if driven wrong it can actually be worse then not wearing Pheromones.

I've noticed that while wearing Phero's if i make a situation awkward it becomes VERY AWKWARD. If i make a situation fun it becomes VERY FUN.
The difference in the effects of pheromones are only their to drive the situation towards the state you want.
For example NA + Androstadienone is what i would call a VERY DEEP CONNECTION state. When i wear NA + Androstadienone my aim is to create a very deep connection with the person.
NA + Androstadienone is their to help me create that state but i still have to do the socializing and work.
When i wear DP i want to create a VERY FLIRTATIOUS State. When i wear DP around women i want to act like a kid who's curious about sex.
When i wear AV i want to create that I'M THE CATCH VIBE, so i also need to play the game of being the catch.
So when i pick a combo to wear that day i'm thinking about who i'm meeting for the day and which state would suit the people i will be meeting most.

I also don't think GOA is purely Androstadienone there's probably other things in their that produces a certain effect that is not just Androstadienone .
So pairing it with NA might not come off as natural as using NA + Androstadienone , as there could be compoenents of NA in GOA we don't know about and pushes certain characteristics overboard.
I often feel like i give off a unbelievable vibe when i use NA + GOA like the girl is thinking this is not real.
Then again this is just my own personal experience and chemistry reaction so everyone might experience this differently.

I've honestly had the best results wearing GOA as a standalone. It really creates a very good crushy vibe adding anything else doesn't seem to add to it.
Actually draws the attention away from it.

Cheers All Happy Holidays!

great post!
i would just say that goa definitely has more then just Androstadienone , i think it has 4 different Pheromones.
and ive seen the best results from goa when mixing it.

from my experience it made every blend or mix i worn better.
i only had trouble mixing it with swoon, not decisive on that but the results werent promising.

so buttom line, goa and na is different then Androstadienone with na. i think both are worth testing.
12-20-2018 3:36 AM
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