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Note to self.....
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Life taker-heart breaker

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Note to self.....
11-25-2016 10:10 PM

Ok....ok....I know s.o's don't count to many here.

REGARDLESS....I will not soon forget that my 33yr old half Japanese half German(mmm) REALLY LIKES p75 @2.5mcg 1st lame spray, second full spray (3 or 4mcg?) and (oh shit, too much p75!) P96 23ish mcg.

Yes, she's my girl.
Yes, if she's not actually leaking, she's always receptive to my manly advances.
But still....
This was far beyond the norm in affection, compliance, and a very HORNY/ARROUSED velcro effect. She won't get off me!
Grinding on me, "daddy" (no, she's not daddy damaged)
Smack on the ass after just teasing/pleasing..."go cook us some victuals woman!!!

I am thinking of hithing her pillow, where I bury her face, with 25mcg of TAC while she's busy cooking.
Girl is gonna "sing" for me tonight.
I guess that's the p75.
I want to fight or fuck right now....

mooning whiney control freaks mooning
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11-25-2016 10:10 PM
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