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No More North Pole or The Masked Man?
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RE: No More North Pole or The Masked Man?
05-07-2018 11:19 PM

(05-07-2018 10:34 PM)Lostdreams Wrote:  Has anyone tries both lpmp oils versus spray?

Do you Prefer north pole spray or oil?

Scent only or added mones/cops?

I've tried them both and it's a matter of preference, really. For each of your questions.

The oils last much longer but don't diffuse as far as the sprays. It's a matter of how big of a cloud you want to create. I like the oils because my scents don't diffuse as far and are more inclined to affect only those people I WANT to smell me. I do like the sprays in the 60/40 alcohol to oil, however. It is a nice compromise between the longevity of the oils and the diffusion power of the 90/10 alcohol to oil sprays.

I prefer the oil but the spray smells very nice as well.

Definitely a matter of preference. I find both the phero boosted and the 'virgin' scents to have their place. For me personally, the scents boosted with Pheromones works better than having to layer the scent and pheromones separately. I have UN, LP: Homme, and Excalibur all boosted with pheromones AND copulins so I guess I'll have to say that I like the Pheromones/copulins in with the scent. I use those much more than I do the bottles I have that are just scents.

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05-07-2018 11:19 PM
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