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Newbie and struggling to find the right mone
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RE: Newbie and struggling to find the right mone
12-23-2016 12:30 PM

I see you are little concern about your appearance and possible status among girls.
My advice is not to compare yourself with other males, there are hundreds of reasons for that. Even females, not all of them like big guys, fancy etc.
So, what we are talking here are primitive instincts that all of us have, for over 2 million years, since humanoids evolved.
Nothing has been change since then, any female has instinct to find match for her genes and ensure wealth (on all fields) for her successors.
So either you have lot of money for ensuring wealth, or you have 'compatibility' for healthy kids to trigger her chemistry.
What we are doing with mones, is actually cheating their instinct and stimulating some chemistry. How ever, this process is also influenced from your own body chemistry, mindset, situation, status, their period etc ... and after all it is not so complicated as it sounds.
My recommendation for you will be:
- Nude and Aqua Vitae (LAL) and try to get samples of Wolf
Start with NUDE, 3-4 rolls on common spots (read around) for a week.
Do not expect some miracle to happen, not yet.
Next week, start using Wolf sample behind your ears, 1 drop each
During second week, you will notice changes in behavior of your environment.
Keep doing this until you find or go to a party where your target(s) will be, and for the party: Apply the Aqua Vitae like any cologne or perfume, When it smells good you should be good. Then since it is a party apply about five swipes from wrist to crook of arm of Nude. Then rub arms together and across chest.
At this point you will find out that this mone shit is not a bullshit and that it works!
It triggers women's chemistry and it hits, hits very hard.

Good luck, and don't forget, you lead girls follow!

Xist SOB Cohesion Boyfriend
AM; Corpo;
A-1; Methoxyestratraenone
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12-23-2016 12:30 PM
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