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New Experimenter
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Timothy Chevrolet
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New Experimenter
09-19-2022 7:48 PM

Hello everyone. Been a lurker (learner) and experimenter here since January.

Come from a decade plus background of "bio hacking" my health through all manners of pills, powder, research chemicals and the like, so very well versed to the process of slow, steady and observant experimentation, learning, adjusting dosages and finding out what will work for you in what scenario.

I am in my early 30's...I tried a few mone products about 5-6 years ago (PXS) and mostly wrote it off. Looking back I can honestly say my Mating Market Value was quite low at that point and I had no clue what I was doing with women, mone or no mones. Using SOB at that point was casting pearls before swine...

Not quite sure what got me back on the horse (I think I managed to "solve" or at least ameliorate most of my health limitations) so maybe the tinkerer in me was looking for the next frontier.

I am single, have fun with women, and using mones to basically create MORE opportunities for fun, push myself past limitations (i.e. shyness with 7.5's and above), and also discovering that mones can help day to day with life and business things.

Very grateful the treasure trove of threads are here - I have read thousands of pages at this point and it has certainly help me with my decisions of what to experiment with.

I will say I have stumbled on a few combos that work extremely well for me and hope to share this knowledge with others....

Question - what are the account requirements needed to access Journal sections and create threads? ( I know part of the answer- contribute first before you take!)

One thread I have not seen anywhere (at least in recent years) that I think would be a great conversation starter is:
Least Backfireable (Or Most Forgiving) Products

-For example, too much BW, really anything more than 1 drop, or a day I'm not feeling particularly strong, and it makes me edgy, weak, nervous, not friendly. Have to be careful with too strong alpha products.

Wearing BW or AV and I have noticed in particular, latino lesbians FLIP OUT at me like I'm Satan in service industry roles (bars/restaurants) if they get the slightest hint of assertiveness, aggression or rudeness.

Have many examples of specific mones and their downsides.

-And yet - I find that Nude can not be OD'd on and unlikely to cause problems. Perhaps it can neuter a weaker alpha if used in conjunction- but I really do not see it derailing anyone's game, causing a bad impression, oversexualizing by accident at work, stinking like high heavens, etc. Really the risk is you get hit on by other men maybe? Haha.

Anyway, look forward to sharing my 2 cents as appropriate. Have worked with LAL and LPMP mostly, some Apex and PheremoneXS and few other randos along the way.
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09-19-2022 7:48 PM
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