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My award for the most POPULAR FAME LIKE mones created in the long lost past!
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RE: My award for the most POPULAR FAME LIKE mones created in the long lost past!
09-10-2022 1:03 AM

I'm thinking the best two mones for the performing famous musician who wants to make money are:

1. AV
2. AT

AV is more superstardom. You say a little. You do a lot. You're a celebrity... You don't chase women... It's ONS. AV is not really power. AV is the snake charmer. You're important. They'll discover you with the vibe in the nightclub. They'll seek you out. I had a 21 yo model at a bar find out I was a musician here in Toronto and got a hold of my business card and text me "Wanna meet for a BJ outside of X bar Sat night... at 2 am"... I didn't want to take any chances I might get mugged or assaulted or arrested having sex outside a bar so I didn't follow up. But just shows the power of AV. A few days later I found out her father had looked up my name in the phone directory, found out I lived in the same city, tracked me down to my condo , bypassed security, and was screaming where is DSOUZA , WHERE is DSOUZA. Apparently, he was a crazy guy and had a weapon.. I realized I could of been killed that day... So be WARNED AV is a vibe that goes with REAL fame. In other words you'd better hire security.. I'm thinking if I get any bigger in Toronto performing I will be need to hire a police officer at all times, instead of only counting on cops and security guards at venues.

AT is more status and Long Term Relationship. It gives off a protectors vibe not a fame vibe... It can make you money.. very good for negotiations. If all you do is perform as a musician then AT is not the best as I feel its more for the corporate world whereas AV is creative and goes with musicians very well. AT is great for achieving business success. If I was to treat the music industry as a JOB and not celebrity fame I would say AT is the key. You gotta watch out for arguments. It's great for negotations etc but this is a power mone.. Like an alpha male.

I would think for television appearances, interviews in articles / magazines etc AV would be better as it's short and sweet and to the point..A lot like a famous actor being interviewed. For more business negotations, money making matters, selling products, B-B sales, etc I would pick AT.

I would say both of these are great at different times.

As I am a U2 tribute guitarist I would think they would both suit me provided I remain congruent with the pheromones and their specific purposes.

(This post was last modified: 09-10-2022 1:18 AM by dsouza.)
09-10-2022 1:03 AM
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