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05-24-2017 7:49 PM

Hello Everyone,

I know it's a cheesy title. But I have a unique perspective on life.

I have only posted in the last short week or so. I wanted to just put a quick thank you for this community. I have been member and reader for a while now and just most recently decided to contribute my finding and testing in order to help out. Most recently I posted a thread about a situation my family finds itself. It's not the worst of them. However, given the details it escalate and lead to a situation down the road for my son and our family if it gets out of hand. Members really took an interest in advising me and I am appreciate of their gesture. Hence, why I want to post a real show of gratitude for this forum and the pheromone community.

Since I have read tons of threads on different issues from relationships and ratios, molecules, and ALPHA/BETA issues with blends you name it. I have nothing but gratitude for everyones input regardless if their are disagreements. Let's face we are all humans and all have unique experience pre and post mone usage. We have our hang ups and our strengths in life. I am glad for those who guard this forum from fly by night scammers or those doing plug ins for mone companies that seem questionable.

Overall the gems I have obtained from this forum have really helped me with myself first, and my relationship with the old lady, and my son, my social life that is limited due to school online by the way, and my work environment. I can say without a doubt that mones do work. If you are in DOUBT multiply the recommended dosage by 10X and go talk to people at a coffee shop, bowling alley, bar and you will see some sort of reaction. Depending on the type of mones: One of them may be running to the hills, BJ in your car, or not shutting their pie hole and lying on your couch for some real serious therapy. You get the drift: Your Intention, The Environment you are in, The Context of the situation with your Target....

My recommendation is to read, read, and read some more. Post your experiences and at the end if you are not sure on something pm someone who has some great postings and findings. It could be possible that their is something new brewing with a specific mone or mix you have going on that it is freshly developing.

Again, thanks to everyone on this forum who sincerely are testing and putting their findings for us to collaborate as the pheromone community continues to evolve. Despite my busy as hell schedule I will be making it a point to give my feedback on those topics that I can weigh in on.


05-24-2017 7:49 PM
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