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Men`s Pheromone Conditioner Review
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Men`s Pheromone Conditioner Review
02-18-2018 9:58 AM

I made an order again with True Pheromones for some single molecules and also order the conditioner and Bath oil along with the Gilroy patch and the Lotion as well. I have used the Conditioner now for about a week solo and will start with this one first.

Men`s Pheromone Conditioner

To be honest I was totally skeptical about all these products like this one, the massage oil, patch etc. To me they seem like some type of Novelty items, but I saw no reviews on this so I thought why not try and see what it does!

So a little background before I start I usually have the wife cut my hair and I just have her shave it with no guard, so a zero which is short. So what I did before I did this test is grow my hair out and then had wife give me a haircut with a number 2 guard which is 1/4 inch all the way around before I started using this. For this whole week and test I have been using Natures Gate Herbal Shampoo for this test. Also worth a note I have a Britta shower head filter as well. I feel this is important because this filters out most of the chlorine and other chemicals and do notice a difference because my skin and hair are more hydrated and soft plus the chlorine and other crap does not interfere with the pheromones now.

After I have my wife cut my hair which is 1/4 inch(number 2 with the clippers) all the way around, I get in the shower and wash my hair twice to make sure I got all the random cut hair off. Then I apply about a total size of a quarter in diameter to my hair and then continue to wash the rest of my body. I do this to let the conditioner set in a while before I rinse as per the instructions, so maybe 5-8 minutes or so. I then rinse off like and dry off. This is what I have done for every test and in this order everyday now for the last 7 days. The scent is a very nice one but a little to light for my liking and is a type of coconut scent. Does not go one as well as other conditioners I have used and what I mean by this is this thing seems to soak in the hair fairly well instead of just staying on top of the hair like a lot of the cheaper conditioners I have used like Suave in the past. Ok here we go on to the results!

Day 1

I get out of shower and dry off like normal not expecting anything and get dressed. Wife says we have to get some groceries and so we go to the store like normal. I noticed when talking in the car wife is making more eye contact than normal and is talking more, which I take as a light hit, but am still skeptical.

We get to the store and start getting groceries and we are just walking around like anyone else and randomly people are looking right at me in the eyes and are saying hello as they are walking by men and women, more than normal by far. They are not stopping to hang around so much like they would wearing a hard hitting pheromone mix though which I find weird.

So this actually builds my confidence up a little(to be honest I even forgot I put this stuff in and just kind of treated it like any other conditioner I have used and did not even realized I had used this till later on). So I start smiling more in general and at people and as I do this everyone seems to do it right back including my wife which seems to be having a good time grocery shopping. more than normal anyway.

before we get in the car wife makes a comment how she likes the scent of this conditioner , and then I realize I had it on as I totally forgot!

So there are definitely social pheromones in this thing, probably both A and B nol without a doubt as they don`t disclose what the hell is in it.

Day 2

I have not reported on it, but lately I have been wearing 2 drops TA to 1 drop Captain oil and 1 drop swoon for my work mix. I showered and did everything like I mentioned above and then threw my mix on and off to work.

I get to work and this day I have to assemble some cabinets for the office and have to work with another guy 36 white. We get started and right away like the last test he is making more eye contact than normal and we are having more fun than we should and laughing a lot about stupid thins at work and we are connecting more on an emotional/bonding level which we were both ok with. He was much more chatty than normal and he opened up about his life more than I have seen him with anyone one else.

This did not seem to detract from the status or respect factor from my daily mix and in fact if anything embraced it as he kept giving me a lot of compliments!

At the end of the day we actually exchanged numbers and may hangout outside of work. This had hardcore bonding to it and what I liked is that it was so much, that it drew people right in I came in contact with this day men and women, but there was nothing weird about it as everything just flowed.

Day 3

I go to a church service by myself without wife and kid like normal. I get there early and sit on a couch and reviewing some notes and pastor walks in and right away comes over gives me a big hug and starts talking with me.

He is normally friendly and does this, talks to me a few seconds and is off doing what he does, but this time he hung around me and looked in my eyes the whole time and gave me a few nice compliments. He stayed around until someone walked by and said they needed to talk to him and then he gave me another hug and left.

So after 3 days the pattern so far is major eye contact and bonding, with a happy vibe to this.

I see a guy I work with and we greet each other, and after 5 minutes he seems a little overly excited about the service and is smiling more. He is a guitar player and now the service is starting so he gets up on stage.

I sit up front and a few random people that I did not know sat on my left and right which I was ok with, more than normal anyways. The whole service this time was just about worship and singing with no sermon which was out of the ordinary. I look around a few times and the people sitting within about 6-7 feet radius(including myself) are more Intune with worshipping and being focused. I will have to retest this though because from experience usually the people that sit up front are more Intune and focused during the service.

Day 4

Same test as Day 3, but this time sat towards the back to see if I notice a difference on the focus and spiritual connection. I got the normal eye contact and notice when I engaged people before they would hang on to me until they had to go.

During the service people I know pretty well sat on my left, right, and in front of me. I noticed they were worshipping more with there feelings and seemed to have more of a spiritual connection because of this including myself!

So I can confirm the bonding of this and the A and B nol without a doubt now. People were much more emotional and charged up after the service that were sitting in about a 6FT radius compared to people sitting in the middle row by far. I even engaged a few of them and they were very happy and at peace afterwards and talked about how great the service was and how connected they were, more than normal.

Now it was a great service, but I know these people pretty well and don`t recall them being so emotional during a service.

Day 5

Today I don`t even leave the house at all and am just doing random things around the house and cleaning so not a whole lot to note. Wife`s Daughter which is 12 and a handful with being very bratty and nasty seems in a better mood when she is around me which is a nice change. Wife is more chatty and about more meaningful things, but that is all I got.

Day 6

They say to use this a full 7 days to really absorb into the hair follicle, but feel after yesterday pretty much this has happened because I am not seeing more from this. I saw an increase in effects mainly from Day 1-3 with a slight increase on Day 4 and nothing more from yesterday or today, So I think the effects are fully there, but also at 1/4 inch hair length there could be more.

I can see where dosing may be a problem because someone with long hair I am sure will not get the same effects as someone with my length hair. If it matters I have pretty thick hair as well and black with some grey.

I decide to test with a hat(I am not a hat guy at all!) to see if somehow I can control the diffusion maybe and how this thing works. I am work again. Today I had to work with the guy from Day 2 and another guy that is 23 White. I wear a hardhat for work so I keep it on most of the day(this dam thing is required for work). On day 2 I did not have to wear this thing, but today I have to! I also wear the same phero mix as day 2 as well.

I start off with not wearing my hardhat while we are driving to the job(which was digging a trench by hand with shovels) and on the way there both of these guys are opening up more(just like Day 2) and talking about there families and personal things and they are happy at the same time doing this.

We get to the job site and get ready and I put my hardhat on while one of the others fills out all the paper work and within a few minutes I see the effects from the conditioner go away slowly, they are still there, but barely and I just see the effects from the phero mix I am wearing from day 2.

The effects are still there from the conditioner, just not as much and my normal mix takes over. After 3 hours of work we take a break and we sit in the truck and I take off my hardhat and now my body temp is increased from working and within 2 minutes the effects are back and now much more than normal due to the increase in the temp from the top of my head from working. The other 2 guys are in a real good mood and telling me every detail in there life!

What is weird is I am getting some of these effects to, but not to the degree these 2 are.

After our 20 minute break we go outside and start work again and I put my hardhat back on and then slowly after 20 minutes the effects are minimized and my normal mix takes over.

On a side note the Swoon really seems to make the effects from the conditioner much more pronounced than normal with the bonding/happiness.

Day 7

I had to return a part I bought from Home Depot that I did not need, so I go there and the cashier is maybe 20 White about an 8. I talk to her and tell her why I am returning it and she starts checking everything out and after a minute she is smiling a little more and so I engage her and she stops everything and is talking about her school and what is going on in her life and so one. There is even other customers waiting!

I finally get checked out and get my refund and go home. Nothing else happened this day as I was mostly home working on the water heater that failed.


I am shocked to be honest, but this stuff works! I went into this thinking these was more of a novelty thing and am quite surprised really.

The scent is nice kind of like a designer coconut which is very light and can really only be detected from about up to 2 feet away. Definitely A and B nol in this and probably heavier on the B nol by far. I had a 30% off coupon and spent roughly $15 dollars for an 8 once bottle and for me only having a 1/4 inch of hair all the way around it will last a long time.

I have only tested with the mix I listed in Day 2, but have a feeling I will be able to go slightly heavier on an Alpha Blend or Sexual mix and this is just my testing with what I have done so far.

The effects mainly I have seen with this are major eye contact more than anything, then happy/bonding as these 2 effects are always together. What I have enjoyed most is that I have not been perceived as weak or any downside effects from this. Works best when I have opened people up and really this has opened my eyes to rethink some of the social pheromones to set the stage for the harder alpha/sexual mixes to work wonders.

For me this is a great value by far, if I had longer hair though I am not sure this would be the case as I would have to use to much product and things just might get to social, but at my hair length it is perfect.

I would highly suggest this to anyone especially with short hair that wants a boost in the social area. Pheromones stick to hair very well and have not had any problems with build up at all as I got the same effect from day 2 and day 6 when wearing the same mix.
02-18-2018 9:58 AM
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RE: Men`s Pheromone Conditioner Review
08-28-2019 10:53 AM

I bought the conditioner....and my female coworker comes over to smell my hair all the time...she has become more flirty and sexual...and it seems this conditioner hits her hard

I also got the infused hand and body lotion...jury is still out on this one with me...not sure what effect it has on others...as of now...confused...anyone else buy the infused hand and body lotion? if so...any insight...thanks
08-28-2019 10:53 AM
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RE: Men`s Pheromone Conditioner Review
06-08-2020 12:06 AM

I've got the conditioner, too, and it seems like women get closer and are chattier. Mainly have used at work.
06-08-2020 12:06 AM
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