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Marriage/relationship failures caused pheromonally by lowered testosterone levels?
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RE: Marriage/relationship failures caused pheromonally by lowered testosterone levels?
01-28-2021 1:07 AM

(06-02-2011 12:39 AM)dbot Wrote:  ...reminds me of the way toxoplasmosis makes mice lose their fear of cats.

Holy fuck, batman

Really interesting subject you brought up there- especially considering the concrete connection it contains to clinical schizophrenia...as well as the more theoretical interconnection to a "cultural" manifestation of other Stockholm-like psychological dysfunction. It's been some years and my memory is rusty, but I'll have to dig up and review my research aggregations on the interaction between Toxoplasma gondii and leydig cells in the male reproductive organs- also the interaction between this parasite and unisex human Vasopressin chemistry in our brains. It encourages risk taking and novelty-seeking behavior...pretty much inverts what is "natural" to us, while carefully subverting the very human desire to reproduce within a structurally sound social arrangement. IIRC, widespread infection also tends to cause more female offspring to be born than males in some species. I'm sure there is a parasitic evolutionary strategy behind that mechanism. The subject deserves a lot more in depth study than it gets. Don't even get me started on the different "strains" of Toxoplasma and Soviet dual-use research into the organism...

One aspect to consider within our weird little pheromonal tradecraft is the ability to "change" (however dramatically or subtlety) your pheromone signature on demand. Assuming that a target were genetically or otherwise programmed to focus their reproductive endeavors or "desires" on novelty-seeking behavior, phero use would provide their subconscious signature perception with a constant sense of "change" across a predefined signature spectrum that still reassures the target's "Alpha" sexual selective preference.

“...and Achilles answered: 'Fool, speak not to me of covenants. There can be no covenants between lions and men."

― Homer, The Iliad
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01-28-2021 1:07 AM
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