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09-17-2009 5:09 PM

There's always some new mix that AD puts out, whether it be their own creation or recently, a customer's custom mix. MX292 has been the most consistent mix for me. I want to say that it is like AMMO on steroids, but even then it wouldn't do it justice. The best way I can describe it is... take the best of AMMO and the best of A314, tone it down a tiny bit and you get MX292. It is a very moldable mix meaning it works well with other mixes whether it be AD's instant line or another MX. Concerning other MXs I've only really mixed it with socials or a few putatives. I don't think I've mixed this with other mixes that were considered "sexual" because this mix is considered a sexual mix. There is a fairly large dose of -none but it is buffered extremely well. I have no doubt that you can spray upwards to 4 sprays and still get away with it. I OD on 2.5 sprays of AMMO but I can spray on up to 4 of MX292. That's not to say that you cannot OD on MX292, spray enough of it on and I'm fairly positive you can OD on it.
This mix is social, sexual and grabs attention. It's very well balanced and depending on your mood, the way you act, etc, it can go pretty much any direction you want it. If I were to pick only one MX to use forever, I would have to choose this one. I haven't tested out any of the new and recent MXs released by AD (the customer mixes: Catlord, wildflower, DJ and steve's cougar mix) and haven't throughly tested Steve's ICM "smell like sex" mix. I hear some of the mentioned mixes are also very powerful and have been getting a lot of attention and interest.
I can easily see this replacing AMMO and being the new AMMO. Don't get me wrong, AMMO is a great product, I just can't pull it off as well as MX292. From some of the info I've gotten about MX292, I can see why the mix works this way with the molecules that are in them. It also seems to be a fairly expensive mix which might be another reason why it might not replace AMMO. If you're looking for the all around bomb mix, this is it. If pheromones were basketball players, AMMO would be Lebron, and MX292 would be MJ or Kobe. MJ and Kobe have it all, offense, defense and leadership. AMMO just seems to scream offense. I suppose that analogy works better for the more experienced mone users.
09-17-2009 5:09 PM
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