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09-17-2009 4:55 PM

MX200, the unofficial "Asian persuasion" mix.
I believe this was created as a longer lasting social mix. It just happens to work very well with people of Asian origins. I've gone through at least 6+ test bottles (I'm underestimating here) and have a full size I'm working on. I've gotten compliments on this mix several times from Asian females and even Asian males. I don't or rarely use this mix without adding something else to it if I'm trying to target more than just Asians. I also find that this product requires you to be fairly social and appear approachable. A smile and a hello with this mix can do wonders. It might also take a bit of time for people to be in your cloud before it kicks in. It also works very well with other mixes and I would say at times, it should be used in conjunction with other mixes. It works great as a base.

Now for the downsides. I've been finding the dosage for this mix tricky. I'm not sure what it is, but I've been finding that the optimum dosage is very unforgiving at times. Like I said above, it works as a great base, which I would also say is a weakness. Sometimes it just doesn't have that kick, that interest grabbing factor. I think it's because it takes a while for it to kick in, people need to be in your cloud for a bit (maybe 5-10 minutes).

Overall, I would have to say from MY experiences (your results may vary, we're different people after all) that it works best on Americanized Asians. I've found that you'd need a little boost like IG or A314 + MX200 to really work mainland Asians.
09-17-2009 4:55 PM
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