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MVP Most Valubale Player in Gent scent
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MVP Most Valubale Player in Gent scent
10-13-2020 12:22 PM

The dry data:
The last review of MVP was about 7 years ago. Here’s the link if you’re interested MVP Review. It was more like an announcement from an LPMP employee, no real reviews. It was also noted that it was discontinued, but hey, I just bought some in Gent, so it is still out there. As there is no real review thread, and I didn’t want to necro-post the 7-years-deceased thread, here’s my impressions of MVP by LPMP in Gent scent.

The ingredients are: Alpha-Androstenol, Androsterone, Androstenone; which are common for lots of alpha and social type blends; overall pretty simple. It has social/ sexual in the Alpha-Androstenol, the respect and leadership cum Alpha Male attributes in the Androsterone, and finally we have the virile dominant male respectful sexy vibe from the Androstenone.

The Gent scent is just awesome. Featuring two types of white tea blendings, white musk and amber, Tassi lavender and rosemary EO plus classic bay rum, this scent is soft, as in fine suede soft, without being effeminate. It is clean and brisk (tea joke) and while it is just a touch on the powdery artisan side, I found it to be a very commercial type of scent. It is a mature, mellow, just barely sweet, vaguely mysterious, and probably would have a broad appeal for most guys. The scent is a mainstream appealing man of depth and character. Myself, I’m about half way there: I am a man (actually a child trapped inside of a man’s body) and I am a character; so it works for me. However, Gladen and the word, Mainstream, don’t often collide in the same sentence (unless there is a “is NOT” between them).

I ran this product about 5 or 6 times in various venues, as well as at home with the family and friends with applications running anywhere from about 2 drops up to 6 drops. My version is in the oil. Usually I can get a real good handle on most products after just a couple of uses. This one took me awhile to figure out for reasons I’ll detail in my review, below.

Overall longevity of the effects seems to be about 4-6 hours, depending upon the dose and the environment. The sillage was pretty standard for LPMP products coming in at about 4-6 feet, even with others wearing masks.

The actual review:

Overall this is what I would classify as a light-alpha kind of mix with some sociality and attraction thrown in. If you’re looking for that Incredible Hulk in a ‘Roid-rage aggressive and domineering alpha vibe, this is not something I’d recommend. Most of the LPMP alpha-male products tend to create a happy roguish kind alpha; the type of guy that is the Castellan of the keep, but knows better than to shove his strength in everyone’s face. This is similar, but it didn’t have that cheery rogue-leader of the rebellion swinging into the fray from the chandelier kind of vibe. It was mellow, pleasant, respectable, calm, and comfortable in one’s inner strength.

Self-Effects: It took me a while to get the hang of the selfies on this one. This is one of the reasons I didn’t review it until after multiple uses. For me, the self-effects were pretty much just me in a very slightly better mood and feeling just ever so slightly more manly than usual. I mean, ever so slightly. In short, this blend just more or less brought out me on any particular given good day. It took me some time to peg these as self-effects because I’m used to the selfies of pheromone products, including all the other LPMP wares, hitting me like a freight train when I first use them.

Mood-wise it was my typical happy-go-lucky, all things are in my domain kind of attitude. Not to toot my own horn, but (for me, at least) that’s a pretty decent mindset. There was no notable aggression, no stoic and surly mood swings that some get with other alpha male products, and no rutting sexual desires. There was a little bit of sexiness to the blend, but not so much that I was lusting after any lady that caught my eye.

After separating myself from the effects I would describe the self-effects as a laid back, social, mildly jovial mellow alpha assured that he can handle whatever comes his way with grace, style, and aplomb.

Effects on Others: Again, it took me a while to divorce my natural demeanor from the effects of this particular pheromone blend. Overall MVP created a likable and respectable aura for me. I received lots of polite respect from both men and ladies, got chatted up all the time, and I was definitely viewed as a man among men by all. Like I said, this isn’t a Hulk-Smash kind of alpha, but more akin to the guy of extreme ability and deep wisdom and insight that treats all others as peers and everyone looks up to. I’m not claiming that I’m that sort of person, but the typical respect and likability factors, as well as total strangers treating me like a long-lost friend is common enough that it took me some time to note that it was pretty much what the pheromones were doing.

With ladies I noted a certain amount of initial attraction. It wasn’t the intense and immediate lust-filled perfect man for me attraction I seem to get so easily with The Love God; it was more of a “this is really awesome guy filled with mystery and integrity” kind of attraction that made them want to know more. It was pretty mellow and pretty subtle, but it was most definitely there. I’d call it more of an infatuation; yes, that’s it. It is an initial infatuation with just a touch of sexual interest that can be readily cultivated into something more for the socially adept, but I didn’t find it to affect the ladies to the point of obsession.

Sexually, there was a little bit there. There was a sort of gentle and placid tugging at her lust-strings and I did note some ladies preening for me, giving veiled glances to “little Gladen” as we spoke and silently appreciating my (excellent, in my opinion) sexy innuendo, double entendres, and loaded phrases. Socially, this was pretty much all-in as far as things go. The mellowness of the self-effects and the likability factors made banter and being social really smooth for both myself and those in my phero-cloud of awesome.

On my wife, she actually seemed to be affected more by this than with lots of other products. Each and every time I wore it, her behavior towards me was a happy, somewhat docile, slightly submissive, clingy woman that wanted to hang on me and just be with me. With most other products it takes quite a few exposures before she starts to change her internal feelings towards me; with MVP it was almost instantaneous.

Summary: Overall MVP is a pretty cool and fun mild-alpha kind of mix with good social aspects that gives one an aura of likability, respect, and personal inner strength of character. People will treat you with polite respect and be very open and friendly towards you. On ladies it seems to also have those effects with a touch of infatuated attraction and just a bit of sexuality that could really open up some doors for something more to be cultivated. I can see this being a really great product for people that want to have a casual spotlight on them at social gatherings, want to be viewed as the “go to” guy, or want to smooth out their rough personality edges without losing their alphadom. It is more of a suave and comfortable vibe that projects a person of depth.

This wouldn’t be one of my choices for seducing ladies, nor would I choose this for wanting to dominate all around me into submission. But for those that want to stand out above and from others, be approachable, and allow things to naturally and smoothly take their course; this is a fine product to try out. While subtle and light, this does give all the tools one needs to initiate that Star Trekkian First Contact and take things yourself from there.

For me, I can give it the thumbs up as a nice and mellow subtle fun alpha social product. It isn’t a wild-man heavy-duty alpha product, but it does have its own unique signature that should be pretty easy for guys to get comfortable wearing and acting congruent with. It is light, a little fun and mellow, and allows for ease of interactions and communications. Think of it as more like “the most interesting man in the world” kind of alpha as opposed to the “Berserker Viking” alpha lots of other products produce. It is a nice light alpha product with good social aspects and just enough attraction and sexuality to get the ball rolling. It is not a sledge hammer as far as I could tell (but take that with a grain of salt, or the entire salt-lick, because the effects I noted weren't very different from how I am naturally) but those focused gentle nudges are oftentimes much more useful and effective than the brute force methodology.

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10-13-2020 12:22 PM
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The Love God

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RE: MVP Most Valubale Player in Gent scent
11-29-2020 7:14 PM

I KNEW I'd seen a review of this somewhere on the forum! I had a trial vial of this and thought I'd give it a go today. It is a fun and easy going phero blend with a nice chill alpha vibe. Women seem to be drawn in and guys want to be your friend. Oh, and the Gent scent is AWESOME. Like... totally tubular in a radical sort of way.

Anyhow, I really think the scent and phero combination work quite well together. I might have to see if this scent is still available. It's a great combination and I do like the easy alpha vibe that the phero blend really projects.

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11-29-2020 7:14 PM
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