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Imprint review
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DataDragon - Banned

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RE: Imprint review
05-09-2017 9:49 AM

(05-09-2017 7:38 AM)DrChocolate Wrote:  Gonna have to play around with that and see how it works. Then again, that's just mean considering I'm strictly catch and release.

(05-09-2017 7:56 AM)DrChocolate Wrote:  I've been using it a lot around my bride and have been noticing a huge difference with her. Even though she's already in love with me, the extra love and attention is always appreciated. jumpy

Actually you are ok using Goa (and likely Imprint) as I noticed the effect lasts possibly about a week or so only then your back to square one, like shorter term memory imprint. It gets that initial spark of attraction/infatuation when you first meet someone going, so it should work well even for fwb or to rekindle some spark with a so.

I dont think we should use Xist, Voodoo, or Nude Alpha on anyone that you dont wish to commit to, making someone fall deeply for you then leave would be very hurtful to the woman. I'd switch to Goa or Imprint until you know you want a commitment. Xist is also good if you broke up with someone to get back or been friendzoned or going back that way ie losing spark, but unnecessary with new people as you can use Goa or Imprint then Nude Alpha Gel and some Goa or Imprint sometimes for that initial spark.

(04-29-2017 1:46 AM)kalpan56 Wrote:  Experimented with Imprint but mostly combo. Here are my observation:

- Drity Talk: Girls will start dirty talking. I have seen this 10's of time. Even your gf/so will start talking dirty. No other blend get me this. It is very common.
- Comfort: This is amazing at comforting girl. They will start touching you and get closer to you.
- Head Turns/Attention: This isn't a big deal. I get this from couple of pheromones.
- Kino: It is too much to handle. Girls don't go away from me and try to touch me as much as possible given a chance.

Core/Imprint addition:

Amazing, best combo in this world. Girl will fall for you within 30 minutes of exposure. I have seen girl face thunder stuck. Deer in the headlights is normal in this combo. It is one of my best combo till date. You cannot get wrong with this stuff.

Other comments:

I don't use Imprint as stand alone. It works better with core or Bad Wolf.

My dose:
3 spray Imprint
2 spray Core

Anyone play around with Core or M3X with Goa instead of Imprint? I know Goa gives blushing so they may be some physical turn on there, but I like the idea of dirty talk lol. Wonder if that Goa oil plays well with the Apex sprays. Or M3x/Imprint? I got dirty talk with Core/Dionysos.

Apx M3X, C36, Imt, Core, Tit, Dion, Man2
PT THU, Swn, GoA, 0to69, AT, Astax
LAL AlQ, Wlf, AV, BW, DP
PXS DMe o, Tab, Evol, Coh, Asc, P96,86, Bls, Cnx, Xist
LuvE Max Attr, ScErs o
Lacroy NPATc,NPA 5,Edge,B2B
LovSc ScErs g
AD AM LIIK V1+2 6-17,Cert
LPMP WM, WM/PM, HuTr, HThr, HMet, MkGn, ShEs, Aja
Oth IsoESup
(This post was last modified: 05-09-2017 10:02 AM by DataDragon.)
05-09-2017 9:49 AM
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Serious Poster

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RE: Imprint review
05-09-2017 10:29 AM

(05-05-2017 7:21 PM)Snoopyace Wrote:  Looks like I'm going to have to pick up some M3X next. Imprint also works well for me with Dionysos.

I'm looking forward to your review. M3X is just amazing. It is a real work of art for me. Having layered M3X with Imprint I attributed Imprint effects to a stronger dose of M3X. I was wrong. Running Imprint solo, I saw same effects as you.

For 3M = 2 sprays for me of Imprint are effect. 1-2 M3X are effective. I can't tolerate more. Sprays make me sick/angry whatever.

I can say another Imprint effect: sort of aggressive/confidence and seems to have certain men defer. Something in the mones makes me a bit agitated and focused where M3X is really smooth on me - more charmer where Imprint leans toward Sauve. M3X seems to hit way more effectively in the cloud than Imprint which builds for me. The most striking thing about Imprint is the follower effect.

I'm still not sold on mixing them. Here is where I stack Imprint: you are ready to impress and you are leaning a bit more toward the serious. Imprint is black tie. M3X is v-neck.

Snoop would also be interested in your take on GOA vs Imprint. IMHO imprint builds, GOA is strikes fast and hard with way more IOIs. I can't close (by close I mean... well you know what I mean...) on GOA, I can on Imprint.
05-09-2017 10:29 AM
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Contributes Regularly

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RE: Imprint review
11-05-2017 7:01 AM

A few thoughts on Imprint.

What I like about Imprint - beside that I works great for me - is the fact that I don't get any selfies. I dont feel it much and I don't get tired of the A1. I prefer products with less selfies. Imprint is one of those products. I also feel it works best solo. When combined with Core some of the attraction is lost, though the selfies goes through the roof. Combined with Core I almost feel too high value (which is not my goal). Some of the comfort is lost with Core, I feel.

With Imprint I get lost of looks, neck turning, dilated pupils, kino and just overall attraction, but in a more natural way than NA/Xist for example, which can feel a bit rushed and ''under the spell'' if that makes sense.

Also, Imprint washes off sooo easily. With oils it's always a hassle to get rid of buildup and with sprays I seldom experience buildup (that I can detect). I never feel drained with Imprint, though I experience a slight loss of libido probably because of the A1. That's why I only use Imprint 2 days a week. My female work mates at the office just loves Imprint (I can tell).

My sweetspot until now is 2 sprays. I will test 3 tomorrow.
11-05-2017 7:01 AM
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