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I am back
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Prodigal Son
Checking out the place

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I am back
08-12-2018 3:43 PM

You know how when you take a language class, there are sometimes people who learned it years before but want to start again, as they think they've forgotten everything? And how sometimes they arrange a separate class for these "old beginners"?

I am that guy. I am Prodigal Son. I am back jumpy

In 2011 I ordered a handful of products from Androtics Direct. At that time I was very inexperienced with women. I tried a few of them out in various venues, didn't notice anything special, then after a few weeks put them away and forgot about them. I ended up throwing them out when I moved house.

Today, having done hundreds of cold approaches in the intervening period, I thought I'd give it another go, not least because the technology has developed considerably, but I have developed too.

Two of my favorite things in life are:

  1. Meeting women
  2. Learning a new skill

It is #2 that I am focused on at the moment. I have read around on this and other forums a little bit the last few days, and if I have it right, this is very much like wielding a delicate instrument. In the right hands it is a powerful tool, but it requires skill to use properly.

My first order (in 2018) was:
  • XiSt
  • Evolve
...both flavored with Sultan Oud. In addition, I received from PheromoneXS trial bottles of:
  • Taboo
  • Crush
I don't know what the sample bottles were flavored with, if anything.

My intention is to record my experiences in this forum and use that as well as other users' comments to learn this skill.

Nice to meet you all.

-Prodigal Son
08-12-2018 3:43 PM
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