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07-17-2021 4:06 PM

So Monday, I wore 1 drop of xist and flirt oil, probably for the first time to the dr's, for science.

I've been a weekly patron at the clinic lately, and decided to wear mones because they hired a new nurse, so, why not lol. A little background info, being a paraplegic I've been going to this clinic on and off since 06 and know the staff pretty well, but I digress, I wasn't planning on anything really happening because two of the three nurses are married and older and I've known them since they started and you don't know what nurse you'll receive, I figured I'll be my talkative funny self I am with the two senior nurses if I have the newbie because, I'm usually quite with people I don't know at first and I'm trying to be outgoing, well, I did receive the new nurse, but the one she replaced as well, she works pt still and she took over, I do have a little bit of a rapport with tis nurse as she was my nurse exclusively during the beginning of the pandemic throughout the rest of the year and we got friendly and kind of close., then I asked her twice to hang out and every time I got shot down, idk if she was lying when she gave me a hug one day and called me a friend when I told her, hey, careful your a nurse and live and work in the hot zone lol, and she said so what, we're friends if I get it you get it, or if she was trying to keep things professional, but I believed her and tried to ask her a few times to hang out and she declined every time, so whatever, o felt embarrassed after the last time and didn't see her for 7 months after that. So, Monday, she's my nurse out of the blue for the first time in 7 months and I'm wearing xist and flirt oils, one drop xist on Adam's apple and one drop of flirt on each forearm and the chemistry was back we were talking and joking like before I tried to hang out with her, great, I'm thinking maybe it's we haven't seen each other and were happy to talk again, then I go back Friday, and I posted in here, what should I wear, no one responded, so I ask live help on Steve-O's sight, she asked what my goal was and recommended I wear xist with vibes or happiness, I asked if I could wear all three, one drop xist and one spray each of vibes and happiness, she said it's not too much, so I did! I put one drop of xist (unscented) on each side of my neck and one spray each of happiness and vibes, all unscented on each forearm an hour before my appointment, rubbed it in and sprayed on some john varvatos vintage. I had both of those nurses again, I knew I was going to see the old one again because I asked her at my last appointment when she worked and made it for that day, and I'm on point with the charm and dark humor again, at the end of the appointment, I asked in general if they lived in the area, because the carnival is in town soon, I knew the one lived 30 minutes from me and the hospital, but the other one chimed in and lives 10 minutes away and after knowing me more or less 15 minutes total lol asked about coming with me, I told her where and when then asked the one i wanted to know better to come, said I'll buy you a beer, she didn't say no. Then the appointment ends, and one of the other nurses comes in and I'm chatting with all three at the desk, meanwhile there's other people in the waiting room waiting to be seen and go home, and we're shooting the shit, the senior nurse asked where was I that I'm so tan, and I'm just like, what are you talking bout, I'm always tan, it's just accentuated, they laugh, we're talking about random things, and any other time after they finish I'd just say bye, and see you next week and be done, this is not me and they would have been calling in the next patient, we would not be acting like it's 5 o'clock when it's 830 in the morning. I truly believe Steveo has some magic in that xist and I'd like to thank you for creating it, it makes my social anxiety go away and makes my charm shine which would take some time any other way with people.
07-17-2021 4:06 PM
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