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How to make your own Copulins
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How to make your own Copulins
08-27-2023 12:25 PM


This post was inspired by indi-player for his ground breaking foundation with his TAC and A314 reveal. So it’s only fair for me to play my part as well.

Well then, I think it’s about time to really fuck shit up, seriously. This has stayed with me for atleast the past 4-5 years and since then NOT ONE PERSON( as of this post writing ) have I seen posted or mentioned anything that I’ve found out.

Right, let’s go back shall we…..

During my early days as a newbie browsing the forums before my harsh enlightenment ( in journal) my only interest in phero s was for me to get laid like everyone else, and one of the most highly reviewed blends for such effects was desire me oil. Most men would use it because of its Copulins content , and due to the nature of their effects on men it makes the wearer more attractive to women due to pre selection, giving off the effect that you’ve just had sex. But everyone knows how polarizing that particular blend is and how much it filters that are DTF.

So during my readings of peoples reviews on Desire Me I then went to PheromoneXS to find out more information about it.

From the moment I searched for the product I then browsed in the website to find the drop down menu which I noticed their pheromone single molecules. Curiosity got the better hold of me and I spiraled into the single molecules realm where I eventually (at that time) discovered Copulins as a single molecule

As I was reading the description, the first introduction paragraph got hold of me, and I then started to Google the source of the scientific research study by Astrid Jutte and Karl Grammer on the effects of copulins on men

From the scientific study paper posted it turns out that Copulins is not a single molecule but a collection of acids. These acids in specific ratios are what create the “molecule”.

From the PheromoneXS website in the description it states that the Copulins were replicated from that scientific paper. From my digging it was interesting that the Copulins were made from only 5 acids, with the largest constituent being vinegar, crazy eh?


As mentioned the Copulins are compiled by 5 acids, the acids were mixed in accordance to percentage ratios from that research experiment:

78.38% acetic acid,
13.21% propanoic acid,
4.94% butanoic acid,
0.76% methylpropanoic acid,
2.14% methylbutanoic acid

The concentrate was all diluted with distilled water at a concentration of 0.08 per ml- whether is mcg, mg or g I’m not so sure.
So if we were to convert these percentages into ml’s then this would be the ratios according to 100ml:

78.38ml acetic acid,
13.21ml propanoic acid
4.94ml butanoic acid,
0.76ml methylpropanoic acid,
2.14ml methylbutanoic acid

As much as I knew to to create the copulins with the components given the main issue was where would it be feasible to obtain the acids in raw form. Fortunately a few weeks back( as of this post) I found an online vendor which had all 5 raw acids in stock, the site is molport.com

To further add, the second issue that I’ve found is that in the scientific study they also don’t mention the type or isotope of molecule ,so for example:

In the study methylbutanoic acid is one of the main components to make the copulins , but they don’t specify whether it’s 2-methylbutanoic acid or 3-methylbutanoic acid

Another issue is whether molport.com is a reputable site to buy authentic molecules as well. I’d like to try out my discovery but shipping to RSA is one huge bitch honestly, so hopefully someone can bite this bullet for the sake of science

Well then, take this post as you you see fit and hopefully to see some development in here

08-27-2023 12:25 PM
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