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How many of you get honest feedback from women?
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RE: How many of you get honest feedback from women?
07-15-2018 1:48 PM

Thats true for the full wetness flush hotness I have to use mixes. So far nothing individual had the combo effect.
07-15-2018 1:48 PM
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RE: How many of you get honest feedback from women?
07-15-2018 6:10 PM

(07-14-2018 3:30 PM)Fiedler Wrote:  Hello,

I'm curious, how many of you, guys, get feedback from women - your wives, fiances, girlfriends and mutual friends if pheromones really work, how they work and how the results differ between different products? How women really feel?

I mean, reliable, honest feedback from women, who know that you are using pheromones and see the difference between wearing and not wearing a product.

Reading many threads here, guys share their feelings, views, impressions which may be placebo, accident, coincidence.

The best confirmation, that phero products are working would be just real feedback from your SO or friend. Please report.

Rgds, Fiedler

Darklord shared his feeling and views about frame and I agree with him. I would even go further than that.
The way you frame your question may end up not permitting you to feel and see the full extent of what you get as feedback.
Quote:I mean, reliable, honest feedback from women
This statement probably assume that you may get only lies or honesty.
What if what you get is not a lie and not honesty either but her point of view, which maybe completely irrelevant to what you want as feedback or not.
For example you may see a woman that says she love your new cologne. But she says it in a tone of voice that imply to her that it's cute as it reminds her the scent her 3 years old sister has.
In this example did she lied to you ? Is that honest reliable feedback? is that a good impression that she gave you Girl_crazy a good impression of her little sister maybe sideLol

I don't know about you but personally the more I learn about women the more I realize that most of them so are attached in their emotional view point of the world that the logical point of view you are looking for from a male perspective isn't something you can get. Girl hide

And most of the time this is what makes relationship fun. Imagine how boring relationship would be if you had to consider only that limited logical point of view, thanks but not thanks, I prefer to have some fun.

Actually I'm exaggerating, women are all liars Evil And they only want sex from you while we men are pure saint Wizard or it is the opposite I forgot if it is women or men that has to be pure evil. I mean it's either men or women that lies, right? it's not possible that both are honest, right? Does honesty even exist to begin with, or is this just a word we made up to make us feel bad when we are jealous about something we may not even want to begin with. Idea

I mean come on ?? Do you expect her to write to you the truth on pherotruth for you ???

What was I writing about again? I don't remember.... ah yeah .... FRAME. Do you get a feeling of that frame, or maybe you see that big frame in this question you asked?
(This post was last modified: 07-15-2018 6:36 PM by WereWolf666.)
07-15-2018 6:10 PM
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