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Hi all!
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Checking out the place

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Hi all!
06-11-2022 7:06 AM

I've been reading this forum for a while,
so much helpful and interesting stuff.
I am kinda hooked on experimenting
with pheromones for a few years already
so I will share some opinions from my


Xist - good stuf, solo - positive effect on others
and myself, participates in many great combos. (2-3 oil drops solo)
Evolve - social, sexy, positive, very easy to wear,
also great for combos, self effects very mild (oil - always exactly one drop)
Nude Alpha - solo makes me more intimidating to others than
I like but i love self alpha happy cool effect. Also
good for combos. (mostly 2 drops)
Swoon - very positive and charming, lightens up surroundings,
hardest effects on very young 18+ girls (deer in the headlights with trembling knees and heart melting smile Smile . For combos also. (2-4 drops).
GOA - solo tested only few times, selfies non existent, mild positive
calming effect on both genders, little bit of shittesting from both genders,
ongoing testing in combos. (2-3 drops)
The Hook Up - me likey likey sexy flirty energizing with big smile on my face,
perfect for pairing with previous two mentioned mones, way less intimidating than Nude Alpha. Sadly I emptied my 10ml spray pretty fast and I can't wait to order 30ml next time. (1-3 sprays)
Connections - just a small tester fast emptied but got me interested enough to order more to experiment solo and in combos, really opens up myself and others,
truth serum, big challenge. (2 - 3 sprays)
Taboo - 2 small testers spent, long time ago , I only remember flirty friendly positive funny good impact on others and myself. Would gladly purcase oil version,
best bang for a buck, lasts forever, Evolve still drippin' Smile
(up to 4 tester sprays I think)
Ovedose - tester but with generous gel ammount, good energizing bit serious alpha socio bit intimidating but strong attraction shown from some 30+
women. Positive effect and respect from male population. Only solo tested up to
4 tester gel squirts (I am not sure but I think that equals 1 pump from full version).
TKO - 10ml died so fast, beautifies both myself and I including less pretty girls into slightly prettier less pretty girls. Also very sexual and flirty, fun and positive, slightly intimidating, similar to THU, would love to try it in combo with Swoon. (2-3 sprays)
Bilss - calm good positive mooder, tested 2 samples, oil bottle will soon
rip hard through my bank account, can't wait to continue to test BCE combo.
(4 - 6 sample sprays)
Cohesion - 2 small testers, seems promising, I need to test more, I hope
I will buy oil version soon, maybe my favourite A1 women softener. (4 - 6 sample sprays)


Imprint - 10ml tested, similar to Goa but inferior, at least for me, not impressed at all, combos with TKO and Evolve were good but with M3X and Core
were not. (1-3 sprays)
M3X - I was lured with help of some posts from this forum to try it, sadly 10ml didn't do anything solo or in combos for me and my people, it was 2020 version if that matters, I noticed number 2007 more than a few times with word M3X in combo. (1-6 sprays)
Aura of Amity - meh so far but I just started to test it solo and in combos,
lightens up myself and other people, two cases of bad mood solo experience.
(1-4 sprays)
A1 - still testing,tried solo and in few combos, i notice minor calming effect on me, didn't notice effect on others. I think it softens NA a bit. Starts to smell bad after a few hours(50-100mcg)
Cohesion - 2 small testers, seems promising, I need to test more,


LIIK v1 - small tester, still half full, not so bad fruity scent fades quickly to
leave my skin with very bad pheromone smell (cops?).
Ronin - got a tester for free, cover scent makes me wanna puke, than it leaves me with repulsive reek (cops again?) and just enough time to wash Ronin off and avoid actual puking. No noticable effects on myself and crowd.
Core - puts me in a bad mood, draws attention of others but in a neutral way, only positive experience was combo with TKO.
Esape the friend zone - kinda shittest target marker, induces slightly flirtier and more positive mood sometimes, sometimes intimidates both genres. I gave up on this one.

Favourite combos

BCE - fun sexy flirty ass touching boobs pressing laughing combo, I can't wait to further test this and enjoy. (1 spray bliss, 2 spray cohesion, 1 drop evolve)
Swoon+THU - little less sexy than BCE but very effective, affects 18+ women more than 30+ girls Smile (2-4dr Swoon, 2-3sp THU)
GOA+THU - I hope to test this combo more soon, seems promissing,
best for one on one, for me better than NA+A1. Comfy relaxed romantic fun.
(2-3dr GOA, 2-3sp THU)
Xist+Swoon+Evolve - cool relaxed flirty positive slightly sexual attention
getter from a 30+ range. (2 2 1 drops each)
GOA+Xist - for me it's better version of GOA+THU. (2 drops each)
NA+Xist+A1 - little intimidating but very fun cocky charming combo (2+2+1 drops)
TKO+Imprint - much less intimidationg but similar (2+2 or 3+1 sprays each)

If you enjoyed reading this as half as I enjoyed writing it...than I enjoyed it twice as much.

Cheers! Drunk
06-11-2022 7:06 AM
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Getting comfortable

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RE: Hi all!
07-22-2022 7:12 PM

Welcome Balkan!

Great first post, fun read! Seems like you’ve experimented quite a bit with many different mones, really enjoyed the post.

Question. Just straight up, which pheromones or combos have gotten you the most lays, period? Just as far as pure numbers go? And please mention dosage, age/type, environment of subjects it was successful on if possible.

Blessings. Preved

07-22-2022 7:12 PM
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