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Hello from Germany
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Getting comfortable

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RE: Hello from Germany
06-22-2013 12:18 PM

(06-22-2013 10:14 AM)meme371 Wrote:  Hi bmm welcome to pherotruth. I got this from discoverxs.com forum posted by Quicksilver. I hope this helps and you will also find out more from reading the threads and posts here

As this is to be a more scientifically oriented forum, it seems a consensus should be reached, or at least a discussion started, on possible behaviors / changes in appearance that can be regarded as responses to pheromones.
My understanding is that body language OUTSIDE OF BASELINE is what matters, not normal day-to-day behaviors.

Listed below is a slightly modified list post of mine from another well known forum. Credit goes to Jasmin from that forum
Yawning: sudden yawning as if tired or very relaxed, and then resume the other signs of arousal
Tongue & Lip Action: Lots of extending tongues and licking lips, especially as after initial exposure (in as little as 5 seconds)
Biting Lips: Curling lips inward and tightly due to intense feelings
Hair Flipping, Brushing, and Tossing: Spontaneous and wild brushing and flipping of the hair
Crossing Legs: Frequent crossing and uncrossing of legs back and forth
Opened Legs: Sitting with legs wide open or leaning far forward on the seat
Squeezed Legs: Bringing the legs together suddenly and squeezing them shut
Busy Legs: Rocking back and forth, changing leg stances nonstop, hopping back & forth on legs
Nervous Legs: Rocking crossed legs while sitting, standing on toes, shaking up and down
Syntribation: look up the word "syntribate" I won't explain here.
Offset Butts: Butts shifted excessively to one side of the seat
Leg Twitching: Legs and hips/butt twitching suddenly
Body Twitching: Body flinches and twitches suddenly (jolts of intense sensations)
Head Rolling: Head leaning far back and eyes closed, as if in a sexually intense, relaxed position
Body Stretching: Extending the whole body out and stretching
Skin Flush: The face, chest or skin become flushed and very red (blushing to outright lobster red)
Sighing & Deep Breathing: Heavy breathing as if overwhelmed by intense sensations
Fluttering Eyes: Eyes roll back and/or flutter wildly
Fiddling: Playing with jewelry or clothing or fiddling their fingers nonstop to distract attention
Bags on Laps: Use of bags to cover stirring sensations and reactions in the crotch area
Make Up: Suddenly feels the need to put on make up or perfume
Flexing the Body: Double handed grabbing of or leaning back from poles in flagrant ways
Supressed Smiles & Grins: Trying to shyly conceal arousal with a suppressed grin
Running Away: Several subjects have gotten up from seats or walked away after too much excitement and arousal was built up!
Thermogenesis: The subject generates a lot of heat from excitement, and starts removing or loosening layers of clothing to compensate
Looking Up & Behind: Really bizarre reaction - women will look up and behind them, as if someone was talking to them from there
The Blank Stare: Becoming subdued and quiet suddenly, looking down or forward
Talking to Oneself: This is when the subject starts talking to herself as if in disbelief that she is getting so horny
Showing flesh: Lifting up her dress to show you her legs or down to show you her butt. Yanking on her collar, opening her blouse a little. She often does this stuff even more covertly than she covers skin, so you really have to develop the skill to see this. Also, be aware that sometimes what looks like covering skin is actually showing OTHER skin. Keep that in mind. Look for the actual motive. When she covers her skin because she is cold or uncomfortable, she will strive to cover all her skin instead covering up some by revealing other skin.
Burning the VNO: This is probably one of the most unusual effects - Some subjects will exhibit a suddenly burning or rushing sensation in part of their nose, yet it has nothing to do with smell. They react suddenly for a few seconds, and then everything is normal again except for the building arousal of course ... I think it's somehow affecting some part of the nose that's sensitive to pheromones.

Hi meme371. That's a great post. I'm pretty sure this will help me a lot. Yahoo
06-22-2013 12:18 PM
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