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Hello and Thank You
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Hello and Thank You
07-14-2018 9:55 AM

Hello everyone. Thank you for providing such an informative and open community.
I'm Gladen. I am a 50-year-old, happily married individual and I'm looking to enhance the positive aspects of my marriage, social interactions, and to learn.

I first heard about pheromones in the early 1980's and even tried one or two (cannot remember the names) and noted absolutely ZERO results other than sneezing a bit. I see the niche has evolved considerably.

I've never had any difficulty meeting people, making friends, or having success with the ladies. I know this is going to sound like I am an idiot, a braggart, and full of myself; but I somehow have always been a natural at seduction. So never feeling the need to enhance more, I forgot about pheromones for a long period of time.

My interest in pheromones is fairly recent and stems from the desire to keep things fresh, fun, and exciting in my marriage. I am well versed in the Pick Up Artist philosophies and techniques; and while some of those techniques in and of themselves are sound on a psychological platform, most of the ideals from there forget what seems to be the first commandment here: Thou Shalt First Have Social Skills and Honor.

I am not saying that I haven't harvested and modified some of the better things from the PUA disciplines, I have and with excellent results, but those have all been custom tailored to suit myself and my relationship.

So I am not looking for some magic potion that will make women notice and want me, I am not looking to change my demeanor from a shy and subdued Jekyll into an extroverted alpha Hyde (I am much more Alpha than Introvert anyway), and I am most definitely not expecting miracles.

Having a varied academic background, mostly in computer programming, sciences, and mathematics; I also have a solid background in Psychology and a smattering of knowledge in chemistry.

I'm thinking that pheromone use will be similar to wearing makeup...it doesn't create something that isn't there but can enhance what you already have, help to hide (or tone down) certain shortcomings, or give the surface impression of mood and personality. After that initial impression one still is themselves and must succeed or fail on their own merits.

With that in mind, and with my focus on enhancing an already fantastic relationship, I ordered my first bottle of pheromone in the M3X unscented. The reputed effects seem to be congruent with my personality and social style, it seems to fit my 'age group' (insert old-man jokes here!), and it has been on many others' top-5 lists here on Pherotruth.

When it comes in I will use it as advised in the newbie forum pointers and see if I can note any difference. I opine that if it is close to my personal body chemistry that it should enhance and slightly amplify what I already have, if it is not, then it will probably confuse the senses of those that know me (my wife in particular), but should give a different impression than my usual one on strangers.

I will let everyone know what I discover once it comes in and will ask questions / seek advice as I think of things. I hope that I can offer my insights, experience, and perhaps even some of my knowledge in positive and constructive way here.

Isn't Life Actually the Kobayashi Maru? Click to Read My Journal: Gladen's Grimoire
07-14-2018 9:55 AM
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