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RE: Hello
09-28-2011 1:36 PM

Thanks for the welcome my friends!!Crazy glad 2 be here. As for my current mainstays well I am currently on a Liquid Alchemy high with their products. For the month of October I am kind of taking a break from the whole Alpha vibe and checking out the Beta side. I've got Wolf and Hypnotica and am using the latter as a stand-alone right now just to get a feel for it. Then I will give it a go and mix it. The feedback i've been getting back from Wolf is it is a more peaceful Alpha type product so that should go well in conjunction. As for my longtime mainstays that would be Edge Sandalwood; New Pheromone Additive; and Scent of Eros and Alpha 7. I went through many a bottle of them back in the day...and still keep some of them as mementos.Tease
I also tried out the old version of AM but wasn't really impressed with it. Hopefully the new revised version of it is more legit, and, if so, maybe I will give it a whirl in the intermediate future.

As for the scam duds out there. Well, back when I first started in this venture I had the misfortune of purchasing Icebreaker and Pherlure...on more than one occasion to boot, since I had no support or mentors. Aside from a couple of mild hits regarding Icebreaker's smell, there was shit for 'mone content in these mass marketed devils LOL. I was completely on my own mentorless until, stumbling wounded and weary, found Lovescent, and that is really where my journey took off, I wouldn't be the 'mone man I am today if it hadn't been for Bruce's and all of their wisdom.

Big boss"yahh trick yahh, Let me tell you about the life
And how you live when you is a star
Every single place you go
The people run up to your car
Everybody wants to talk, and everybody wants to jive
Everybody wants a handshake, or want a high five
And these ugly girls always got a friend
That wants to talk to you yaah get out my faceDiablo"

My magick crunk juice

Liquid Alchemy Labs: Hypnotica; Wolf; Aqua Vitae; OD ( TBA)

True Pheromones: TA; TI; TL

Luv Essentials: MA ( Max Attraction unscented)
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09-28-2011 1:36 PM
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