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DataDragon - Banned

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Rainbow Hello....
04-30-2017 12:40 PM

Hello. I'm David or Super Dave as some friends call me. 47 White (Appear 35), Recently Divorced and back in the dating scene. Mid 20s-50 target range. I've read the forums a little over the years but just now joining as a new registered user to read it all, ask questions and contribute.

I started my journey with Scent of Eros (Musk Scent) combined with Max Attraction (unscented version of the same legendary gold) back in 2009 with awesome hits and results the last time my wife and I split temporarily. Luv Essentials has told me this year they didnt change the formula despite the fact the mone content listed has doubled and it now suggests 2-4 sprays vs 1-2. Their customer service is quite good now. So for comparison sake I purchased new bottles of each and may switch Max Attraction out for another sexual like NNPA, DP, Turn up the heat, 0-69, AM (suggestions?) to see if max attraction is still up to its competitors in real testing. I also have Aqua Vitae, The HookUp, Grail Of Affection, and a sample of Wolf so far.

I've been thinking of trying things like M3x or The Hookup/Grail or similar on 1 on 1 date nights since they seem to be less hit/miss then pure sexuals with scent of eros or Aqua Vitae. While my goal is FWB/ONS I am open to something regular. I also dont mind switching products based on the age.

And trying to find a general shopping and bar go to where I may pick up new women I dont know for setting up dates, or even ONS.

Thanks to all those who have contributed over the years, I have learned a lot when I just browsed casually here and there before..

Apx M3X, C36, Imt, Core, Tit, Dion, Man2
PT THU, Swn, GoA, 0to69, AT, Astax
LAL AlQ, Wlf, AV, BW, DP
PXS DMe o, Tab, Evol, Coh, Asc, P96,86, Bls, Cnx, Xist
LuvE Max Attr, ScErs o
Lacroy NPATc,NPA 5,Edge,B2B
LovSc ScErs g
AD AM LIIK V1+2 6-17,Cert
LPMP WM, WM/PM, HuTr, HThr, HMet, MkGn, ShEs, Aja
Oth IsoESup
04-30-2017 12:40 PM
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Serious Poster

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RE: Hello....
04-30-2017 1:44 PM

Welcome Dave and we are looking forward to your reports as you wade back into the jungle!
04-30-2017 1:44 PM
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