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Get Laid with LAID Products
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Tongue Get Laid with LAID Products
12-31-2012 1:19 AM

Mad Props and Major thanks to Adam Rauch , and his products/company of Laid Products.

[Laid Products : Dirty Clean 2-in-1 Shampoo + Body Wash / Hair Paste]


Event: GF / SuperMarket / Bed

Bottle : As many have reported , the small sample bottle is very rugged , so you cant really squeeze the stuff out. I figured , since its a sample size , that may be the reason. No bid deal , Just take the cap off and give a few light taps and the stuff comes out.

Smell : Although I cant pin point the smell and 'mones in it , the smell is quite intriguing. Smells very well. Would definitely not mind for daily use.

I did a thorough rinse of my hair and body and had the water steaming up the bathroom.

Hair / Shampoo: It lathered very well on the hair. I used them on my hair as well as my beard. Kept it on while i continued for the body wash.

Body : I used a Axe Detailer and took a little more to get some lather going on. I'm a big guy 6'4'' / 285 lbs. I had to use the rest of the small bottle sample to properly cover all my body. While the hot water was going , the bathroom was steaming up very well. I scrubbed pretty well from head-to-toe. I allowed the lather to stay on my body for ~ 5 mins . I sat down to the side and enjoyed the steam/sauna portion of the shower This might've opened my pores and intoxicated the bathroom with the smell of the product. I rinsed off and proceeded on to the paste.

Paste : Hair Time ( dry / frizz/wavy when long but currently short /style to the side ) The paste reminds me of axe paste but with a delightful smell. Hold is 5/10. At first , I thought it wouldn't contain my hair but it handled very well. Apply when my hair was damped and styled.


Self Effects : Noticed a calm and upbeat attitude. When I was getting clothed , I had some music going on so , I boogied to myself in my room to get dressed. My girlfriend came over and noticed and mentioned I was in a good mood , more than usual.Girl_blum I did notice my gf being really touchy , more than usual.

Supermarket : In Texas , there's a store called HEB (equivalent to Kroger /Albertsons). So the S.O , and I , went over to pick up some sushi from the Sushiya department. I go often and the guy knows me and already knows what I want which is sweet. Approaching the section , there was a chick giving out samples (3/10) , who had an instant gaze /lost for words/ muttering. I was talking to the guy behind the counter and she was next to me. I look over and say "-what was that?"......she replied "- oh i'm sorry , I don't know what happen , I lost my train of thought" . This was the first time , that this has happen to me since I dabbed into the 'mone world.Sun bespectacled S.O was real touchy and grabby in public , and wanting P.D.AGirl dance

Fast Forward (5 hrs later) / In bed with the gf / my shirt off: She turned over giving her back towards me with her ass out. This is normally a sign that she wants me to spoon her from behind.I was gently stroking her lower back and she was arching her back. I had one arm under her head and she was having shallow breathing above my arm and starting to kiss my arm and caress it as well. She turned around and started caressing my nipples , and she had her head on my chest. She started to kiss my neck. Tongue

Clothes started coming off and she was really wet , more than usual! I was going to town , on top and felt her digging her nails on my back while kissing my neck and huffing away near my neck. I.... ladies and gentlemen , life is good right now!Mrgreen


Impression : Good self effects , very touchy feeling from s.o , had a major hit . Does well with close relationships , esp with S.O's

Will continue to use and report in.Big boss
12-31-2012 1:19 AM
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