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Fragrance wheel combinations
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Fragrance wheel combinations
07-24-2017 6:32 PM


The above mentioned article/blog is a short but to the point blog of a Discription of how to blend different fragrances.

I've been doing this without even knowing it and am realizing more now that am getting more compliments when I go triangular from the frgrance wheel rather than only 1 or 2. Now that I read it.

Copied and pasted from the blogger (I couldnt find the author of that blog so credit to him/her for sharing this awsome knowledge)

Basic blending rules:

1. Side by side fragrances on the chart blend well.

2. Selecting opposites on the wheel are complimentary.

3. Selecting 3 fragrances that create a triangle while looking at the wheel will usually complement each other nicely.

So what I've been doing so far is blending in a triangular way according to the wheel and been getting the most amount of compliments when done in a triangle.

Examples from top of me head is me own amber patchouli sandlewood vanilla and coconut blend.

ADG mones I have combined on different skin applications with lpmp earth and fire elements.

Most of the lpmp fragrances whether with mones or without, I have, are blended in a mutiple level from the wheel as well I belive.

Money multiplier combined with Arabian woods attar and African musk attar.

So yeah the list goes on and basically am combining 3 different frgrances from that wheel. When I do do that, the amount of compliments am getting is heaps more than combining only 1 or 2 together.

And compliments mean a good start of a chat to get her phone number who ever the cute brunette target u're after. Or whichever classification of ladies u're after.

What I've been doing so far to get the most out of mones app is, layering the oils at the bottom and then apply the mones on top with a different frgrance wheel classification and applying moneless scents on the side of me head. Works for me like a charm.

Also, I've noticed lpmp earth element and fire element scents/fragrances, don't have mones in'em but they do have pheromonal kinda hits. Fire elemant makes people chatty and earth element makes people calm.

Have u guys thought about this? I was wondering. I did a search on fragrance wheel on PT but I couldn't find much.

A Google search gave me that awsome blog, and I thought I'll share with ya's what me personal experiences're. And am keen to know what urs are too.

Credit should also be given to Michael Edwards for he's the creator of that said wheel.
07-24-2017 6:32 PM
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