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First use of THU + NA
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First use of THU + NA
09-02-2022 8:41 AM

Thursday Sept 1, 2022 -- NA + THU --- Mixed Signals, Velcro, Confusion


* I applied 3 drops NA and 1 spray THU to left hand covered with 1 million at 10 :15 am

* At 11:30 am I hit a local bar

* I saw a hot new 9 there at the front.. At first I thought she was a host but she tells me she's a manager. I chat her up a bit. She tells me her name is Skymark (Not her real name but close enough). Looks Early to mid twenties, 5'7", white , slim with nice butt and sweet face.

* The host beside her put on a jealous face as she walked me to the bar. She looked like a kid. About 16... lol... I just let her sit me down.

* When I ordered my food a tall black, 26 yo , bartender I haven't seen in a year serves me. She's a 8.5. She gives great service and I enjoy my double chicken meal.

* I notice conversation is smooth with her too.. but too tall for me to like her. So I didn't escalate.

* Next thing I know Skymark is in the patio and comes back in the lounge. I stop her by calling her name. She comes up to me with a smile.

* I tell her using persuasive language about a 5 star cafe I know that has excellent reviews for customer service, quality of food, and ambience. I tell her I'm heading out there in a week or two.. I invite her to join me.

* She sticks around, and looks likes she's thinking.. "I'm not sure.. Well you said you come here often right?", she says. I said, " I do visit once a week. "

* She was not agreeing to the date but at the same time didn't give me a firm NO. So I asked to exchange numbers. She said she doesn't give them out. I figure as a manager she's aware of the rules.

* At this point something wierd is happening. She is refusing to leave my side... She is simply not doing it. It happened twice , first at the entrance and now... I tell her I'll ask you again after you've seen me here a couple times... And I noticed she smiled and her eyes lit but she still wouldn't leave my side.

* At this point I reached out and caressed her shoulder.. I figure it's a good chance to introduce touch to show I'm more than a friend... She didn't resist any kino. Finally I had to tell her ok we'll meet again and talk another time. ONLY THEN did she smile and say ok and walk away.

* I don't know what to make of this. Mixed signals when it comes to saying yes or no.. declining the phone number, accepting kino, and velcro better than m3x 2017.. I mean this girl stuck to me like glue... the key is to start the conversation. If you don't talk first nothing happens it seems. It's like you're in seducer mode.

* Has anyone but me tried NA:THU? What did you notice?

* Thanks for reading...

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09-02-2022 8:41 AM
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