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First time using XIST on my crush
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RE: First time using XIST on my crush
09-14-2021 10:18 AM

(09-14-2021 5:52 AM)tomasmasek Wrote:  Well, i touched her sometimes as well and i was keeping the eye contact
But I wasn't enough, I am planning to do more next time I see her.
I have Aspergers (it's not that serious), so nonverbal communication is harder for me than for others, but I can do it. Especially if I get drunk.

Try to make it more technical, rather then trying to deeply understand her every subtle movement. Women will always surpass us in non-verbal language just because they're designed like that.There is something called the kino ladder/kino levels. Different people from seduction communities will have it slightly different setting, but overall think of it like certain levels in a game that you must go though to get to sex. But I am not sure posting a full breakdown of touching the female body here would be appropriate.

The Dicarlo Escalation Ladder is quite a popular one as it seems(though I use a slightly different model), so you can try to google that one, memorize the kino levels, and go one by one with your target. The rule is simple you just go though each of the kino levels, if she accepts your approach you go further up, something doesn't work? You take a step back. It could be highly possible that your crush was doing something like that as well but didn't get any "acceptance" , so her step back was going home. Hope that helps.

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09-14-2021 10:18 AM
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