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First date mones
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RE: First date mones
04-26-2022 12:53 PM

(04-26-2022 12:36 PM)Mertos89 Wrote:  You combined Overdose with Casanova several times. If you wear Overdose around your neck and wear Casanova on your wrists, can you avoid letharing?

I wear both CAS and OD on my hands and yet lethargy sometimes still hits very bad.

I believe it's due to the CAS not the OD.. I have worn OD many times successfully on its own.

I only use OD to help wake me up and give me a mental boost throughout the app , whereas CAS can tire me.

I find 2-3 sprays CAS is enough.. 4 sprays the lethargy is ridiculous.

Having said that CAS solo tends to attract young tall models (I've seen many 9's around 5'11 into me which is wierd since I'm 5'10" in shoes). CAS OD the women are slightly older like 25-35 and the height goes down to an average of 5'7"..

I don't know if CAS OD is real attraction though. I've seen married women with KIDS look around when I'm behind them waiting just waiting for me to chat them yet they are taken.. So it may just be a friendly vibe.

I would think CAS MAXt150 is more real attraction. Great for first dates. Second date to score I'd switch to M3x 2017 for me to finish the deal.

P.S. I know many people whose slept with women (white and asian) with CAS solo, but they had great game and could score SNL with no mones at all. In the end your game will account for 85%-90% of the final result. Pheromones are only a boost.. Still 15% could make the difference scoring with a hot model instead of an everyday looking girl.


1) https://adriandsouza4.wixsite.com/website

2) https://adriandsouza.bandcamp.com

3) https://youtube.com/u2adrian1000/videos
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04-26-2022 12:53 PM
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