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Do you work in a restaurant or bar? This molecule will help
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RE: Do you work in a restaurant or bar? This molecule will help
08-11-2017 6:23 PM

(08-11-2017 6:36 AM)Paradox Wrote:  Just pointing out the obvious. It's kind of like stating that Androsterone is good for meetings.

P83 has been around for 11 years. I get what he is saying and it's been done and posted already several times over the last decade.

Since he is a newbie, he is unaware that this Putative has been extensively discussed. And Yes several waiters and restaurant patrons have discussed their experience with P83 in a restaurant environment.

The thread adds nothing to the current users understanding of the Putative.

To me this is an "Oh look what I found out...." thread. It would be good it it was unique or unusual but it's not. It's something that P83 users already know.

If you want to see something that is not posted about P83, you can check out my journal at Androtics. I experimented with P83 about 5 years ago.

Here's my Androtics journal, where I was praising P83's effects on tips about 6 years ago.


September 19, 2011 Wrote:A few things I have planned:
- using TAC in conjunction with androstenone to see if it buffers the negative effect on tips
- using putatives which are considered to have sensual/sexual qualities ( P83 , 93, etc.) to see how it effects tips as opposed to actual - Androstenone ; maybe P75 as I haven't played with that one in a while
- experimenting with a -nol and b -nol as standalone molecules

January 1, 2012 Wrote:Anyways, been really busy with work and life lately but I have been testing. Still finding decent success with B-nol + Instant Shine. I have found that P83...yes, good ol' P83 as a standalone at 20mcg...trumps it. The first few times I tried it I couldn't believe the results. 25%+ tips left and right Actually had a couple days where I averaged 25% for the day. Noticed more attentiveness from female guests...smiles and heavy eye contact. Still good responses from the fellas though.

And I was testing P83 in general a year before that, when you had only just joined the forum.

September 10, 2010 Wrote:I applied at around 11:30 pm (minus .5x Turn Up The Heat and 1-2 P83) as I was getting ready to go play some beer pong at a small get together. This was the same place I went a couple weeks ago. My ride (B) was like 2 hours late getting there because of something he had to do so I reapplied Turn Up The Heat and P83 in small amounts to refresh.

Not only was I posting about P83 before you, I'm 15 years younger than you. That's gotta sting, eh? Looks like your little e-dick measuring contest backfired pretty dramatically whistle

By the way, here are the only two threads I could find on Phero Truth specifically about increasing tips or working in a restaurant, both from 2016:



There are very few specific recommendations in them other than things like "try socials", and not a single person mentions P83, despite the fact that the OP of the first thread lists P83 as one of the products he already owns.

It's really weird that P83's affects are such "common sense" knowledge, yet no one seems to know about them. I notice that you didn't pop into either of the above threads to share this old, basic, common sense information about P83 either.

Or is everyone expected to read your 5-year-old posts on an entirely different forum to figure it out?

No, wait, that's still not enough, because I searched your Androtics journal for the words "tips", "waiter", "server", "restaurant", "bartend", "bartender", and "bartending", and found absolutely no mention of anything related to P83's affects on tips or any testing of the molecule as a waiter or bartender.

I also searched every thread with P83 in the title in the Androtics reviews section of Phero Truth for the same terms and again found nothing.

For the sake of exhausting my search, I even looked through half a dozen threads on the Androtics forum about working in a restaurant and getting more tips. Do you know what I found? No mention of P83!

But I did find this little exchange from all the way back in 2011:


RisenAlpha Wrote:
P51Mustang Wrote:
RisenAlpha Wrote:Dcap, there is someone here that waits tables and uses mones and also keeps a journal. Unfortunately I can't remember his name. You may want to do a search on waiter or something.

I would keep things social. Maybe a little Ammo or IG. Perhaps MX297 from what I have read about it. I haven't tested that one. Use some IH. It builds empathy, and empathy usually means more money.

Its TheBoogieMan

I think Maidenfan might also be doing that.

But for a job interview, reliability is key, I would go with A314 (1), and IS (2-3)

Thanks for clearing that up. I just read TheBoogieMan's latest entries and realized that he was who I was thinking of. His journal is a good read.

Wow, it looks like six years ago, I was THE guy posting about pheromones as a waiter. Some newbie, eh?

Not only are you a textbook narcissist who flies into a rage over what you perceive as someone taking credit for something you "discovered", you're full of shit.

P83's effects on tips are, at best, buried in obscure journal entires from half a decade ago and not at all common sense, which is the entire reason I started this thread to bring that useful knowledge to people it might benefit.

P.S. I apologize to the mods in advance if it's a no-no to link to Phero Talk, I was just proving a point and haven't posted there in years.
08-11-2017 6:23 PM
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RE: Do you work in a restaurant or bar? This molecule will help
08-11-2017 10:24 PM

Thanks for the info Boogie. +1

I don't have p83. But was good info. Thanks for sharing. Unlike some who ask to PM them. Smile
08-11-2017 10:24 PM
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RE: Do you work in a restaurant or bar? This molecule will help
08-11-2017 10:36 PM

Hmmm... I wonder how long it will be before someone posts that they blocked TheBoogieMan so they couldn't read his post yet he was still somehow wrong. Oh well.

I used to LOVE P83 and would practically bathe in the stuff. I might have to try PheromoneXS's version of it and see how it holds up to my memory of how amazing it was. I'd made up Steve O's P83 version of his ICM mix and it worked amazingly well for me.

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“Charm is the way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clearly defined question” - Oscar Wilde
08-11-2017 10:36 PM
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