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Dionysus +Ensnare
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Dionysus +Ensnare
06-20-2022 12:19 PM

This'll be my first review in a long time, so bear with me for screw-ups along way. I'll detail as much as I can, specifically for the products I get, on a weekly/ASAP process and answer any questions along the way.

[Timing]: Purchased 5/4/2022. Arrived 5/13/2022

[Packaging Description]: VERY FREAKING SECURE. My only worry was the high temps in my current location, but as soon as tracking was available, I made it a point to grab it as soon as the mailman got it to me.

Delivered in a bubble-wraped priority package, wrapped in an an invoice with blue tape on the spray's ejection point. Nostalgic for me, as this is the usual MO for thundr---I mean, Apex. I'll admit, it was a pain to go through all the safeguards, but all that did was crack a smile wider on me for each layer I passed through.

As for the wait...well, I don't know if Apex has quicker shipping, but I've grown to be patient. I'm going to use this as a guide for future orders, but you know how it gets with anticipation and all.


I've had Dionysus as a standalone years back, but Ensnare was new to me. The combination of the two is a light fruity wine scent, with the rest filled with alcohol (not that there's any in it). This is definitely a fresh-to-the-club mix, but I decided to try it in different avenues that I'll describe later. Either way, it's powerful...but it wears down after a while.

[Application and notable hits]

Had it on as soon as I ripped it open from USPS Prison, but not before I got myself staged for it. After a good shower with lavender, I applied one spray to my wrists and rubbed it on each side of my collarbones. Then I sat with it for about 30 minutes to let everything set in before I decided to run errands.

I'll say this now, I hadn't been day drinking in a while but the scent in one burst got me fairly tipsy-like. Guess this is Dionysus welcoming back into the game with open arms.

5/13, after the above application, was a bit listless admittedly. I went to the local grocery store to run errands after the matter, and it seemed like folks were keeping something of an arms length away. Not negative, though...so I just chalked it up to just how damn strong this mix was. Went to my favorite restaurant afterward and chatted up the hostess a bit, but her head seemed to have been possessed by a demon since her head was a constant swivel. Ended my day from there.

Throughout the week from there, I decided to try wearing the combo for work. Not much effect there, but I decided to chalk that one up to high temps and myself sweating in a very active environment. Good chance that I might have sweated it off those times.

However, 5/17 proved something good. I decided to go with two sprays this time--one to rub along the aforementioned points plus a chest shot. Had a bit more of a hit with the hostess this time, as we started talking about cooking recipes and firework plans, but she made it a point to be more vocal and positive. Not so much coy,
but she definitely kept sneaking a stare or some a little later. Perhaps that's the Ensnare that kicked in a few days back?

Either way, I felt an aching in the points that I've applied the mix at the end of the day on the 13th...though it's been a while since I threw on 'mones. The rest of the week was pretty easy on me after that.

I feel that this mix is for potentially creating intimate impressions...I'll have to give it just a bit more of a run. Otherwise, good stuff like I remembered! I'll keep up on the testing and add more details another time.

Ah, and thank you very much, Mike.
06-20-2022 12:19 PM
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