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Deeper/stronger reset??????????
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Don Juan DeMarco
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RE: Deeper/stronger reset??????????
12-05-2016 8:35 PM

Wow, this forum has changed since my last visit.
I would suggest staying away from Cops if your wife has trust issues that will only make things worse.
Only use Alpha mones if you are Beta or feel that you no longer have an established alpha dominance or demeaner about you in the relationship. But be careful that may appear to give a more Macho attitude to someone who feels alienated, sensitive and vulnerable.
I am far from an expert and everyone's chemistry and health is different but I would really suggest you start with subliminals to work on your self, mones will only mask what you lack and it's not a permanent solution but you have slowly change and improve what you lack and the subs will definitely help.

Secondly, start all over again as if you have just met her. Since there are underlying issues I'd go with GOA and slowly escalate to something like Escape the FZ or Xist and depending on her reactions you can then proceed to something sexual. But I think you need more mones like GOA, connections, or any other mone to create trust.
Right now you have to regain her trust not make her fall in love or want to have sex because that is probably not the problem. Those feelings are already there just overshadowed by her lack of trust.

Lastly, if you really want to make things work then she also needs some sort of counseling to work on any insecurities or trus issues. It could be as simple as you not giving enough attention to her, feeling insecure or unattractive or a vitamin deficiency. In some cases its a hormone imbalance, or an underlying health condition like depression etc.
Good luck, take what you can from my post and discard the rest. Not everything is set in stone and what everyone posts here is only opinions as everyone is entitled to one but only you can decide what you take as advice.
12-05-2016 8:35 PM
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Getting comfortable

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RE: Deeper/stronger reset??????????
12-06-2016 4:33 PM

Just a quick comment, resembling all the wise heads !

Remember, XIST is not just spray and run and hit and done... It requires multiple exposures, patience... and you to actually be a better version of yourself.. not for anyone elses sake than your own...
Become a better person for your own sake, when you get the girl, keep being awesome.. don't settle down and be boring... for your own sake.. Live a little ;) !

And yeah.. 5 rounds ups 1 hour each isn't necessarily enough.. keep it going on.. and be patient... Good things (can) take time...
12-06-2016 4:33 PM
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Checking out the place

Joined: Oct 2016
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RE: Deeper/stronger reset??????????
12-11-2016 12:16 AM

I agree with the above. My sample spray of XIST is slowly working its magic, and I'm being less aggressive. I'm usually pretty loud and opinionated, but I've cooled it down not just for girls but for myself. Even I was getting tired of me.
12-11-2016 12:16 AM
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