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Dealing with a**holes at work
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RE: Dealing with a**holes at work
12-30-2017 3:49 PM

Alright ! I found THE answer. The Free Bird method.

This is not for the faints of heart. What follows is questionnable and HIGHLY IMMORAL.
This is an ultimate LAST resort that can go wrong in so many ways. Extreme caution is strongly advised.
Also, I have never and do not intend by any means to use such practice.
What follows if strictly for entertainment purposes. Enjoy !

Goal: Get him to attack you in front of people.

Ingrendients needed:
- Lots of Androstenone (Exceptionally, more is better in this case)
- P79 (intensifier)
- P83 (dishinibition)
- An environement full of witnesses and cameras (Smart-phones are welcome)
- Medical Tape (heating watch is better)

1- Put a little piece of medical tape on your wrist and apply mones on the tape (keep the mones away from your skin)
2- Put yourself in a situation where you have to interact with the a**hole. (C'mon buddy, let's make peace Beer)
3- Expose him as much as possible to the mones cloud and tease him (make him angry)
4- Make sure people are looking
5- Watch the fireworks !!! Evil (works best with "Free Bird" guitar solo playing in background)
6- Don't get killed, but let him hit you
7- (optional) As soon as your face is out of danger, have your eye pop out with your inner muscles. (you're in for a good show)
Only take the risk of exposing your eye if the guy is very wealthy ! Also, timing is crucial, so practice at home first.
8- You've just been attacked and injured out of the blue. Play out your best acting ! (less is better)
9- Be quick and discrete to remove the tape from your wrist.
10- Have him fired. Sue him for a good deal of money. Send him to prison. Twisted
11- Avoid attracting attention. You definitely don't want to be that kind of star.
12- In due time, after the police, nurse, psychologist, lawyer, notary and banker, go back to work.
Again, you're not a star nor a hero. Just be your usual self. Play it low profile.

I do NOT condone any of what follows below, which is completely illegal. This is strictly for entertainement purposes and I will not take any responsibility for anybody's actions.

13- Law 15 of Power: Crush your enemy totally.
If you know a hitman, use some of that newly acquired money of yours to have the job finished. Xyxgun

By interacting with people while wearing a Beta-Androstenol mix long enough, given you expose yourself to the right people (the wealthier the better), you'll eventually hear about some "special contractors" and how to contact them. If you're lucky, you get just the right person for the job (have the contractor demonstrate his tallents first if you can afford it, preferably on your daughter's boyfriend Twisted)
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12-30-2017 3:49 PM
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