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Customer Service Review
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Big Grin Customer Service Review
03-01-2013 4:16 PM

I ordered 2 sampler packs to get a better understanding of perfumerie , perfume notes and what works on my skin. I emailed LPMP and lo and behold the lovely Halo was there to answer all of my questions and concerns. One day Halo responded and sent me 3 emails answering information as soon as it was available. She did a fantastic job, I sent emails to her for the sampler pack and I made goofy mistakes with my emails but she never mentioned anything. I would send emails when I was super tired, right before bed. She sent my emails to Mara(The Creator) for her opinion on the questions that I asked.

I just got the box last night and it was caved in on one side, it got a good bashing. The packaging by the LPMP team however was fantastic nothing was damaged. I came back from a bar last night with a friend. I took the scents with me to a 24hour coney island place and I was buzzed enough to not care if someone noticed what I was doing. I opened a couple of the vials and I asked the waitress what she thought of Voracious. She said she didn't like but she gave me two extra sides with my food for free.That's a weird coincidence

I've never smelled artisan fragrances before and they smell a lot different than commercial perfumes. In general its a heavier scent and Love potions fragrances smell extremely different than commercial fragrances in 3 categories. On your Skin, In the bottle, perfume notes as time passes. As time passes its easy to tell that the fragrance smells different. Last night however I disliked almost all of the earth scents because they smelled sweet in the vial. It smelled like maple syrup, who knew that tobacco and Vanilla would have a maple syrup scent but it stops smelling like that on your skin after it dries down.

I liked the smell of the lighter fragrances out of the vials and a couple scents really stood out, I really liked nox. Nox however would smell a lot better on a woman than it would a man. It's a heavy fruity scent but after an hour or you can smell the dark resins that are in the description. When love potion fragrances have been on your skin they evolve into something different. I say evolve because it makes a significant difference compared to the perfumes that I have had.

If you want to Mix Love Potion scents with things you like go for it. I mixed UN with pheromones I added Prada for men too and it smelled amazing. It was fresh and dark and smelled it like it would pull people in for more. Because it hits you with a fresh and clean scent but then you smell the heavy tobacco scent later.

When I added the UN fragrance it sank to the bottom of the bottle so the fragrance had a higher density than the pheromones and cologne in that bottle until I shook the bottle to mix it.

Out of all the fragrances I wanted to sample I wanted to try Brother Brimstone the most and they unfortunately ran out of it. None of the spicy scents have let me down so far.

I will continue my review of Love Potion fragrances in the review section but thanks for the 2 forum freebies.

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03-01-2013 4:16 PM
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