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Cheated lots of money by allpheromones
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RE: Cheated lots of money by allpheromones
03-24-2019 11:20 PM

(03-24-2019 10:05 PM)maheshbh2 Wrote:  Thanks. I am also from South India. I have a few questions for you.

How do you pay Garry from LAL? His paypal is down. And all the other payment methods he uses like Venmo, Western Union etc are unusable from India. You cant use them to send him money. So I directly purchased from amazon.com. But his products on Amazon is limited.

Also you said you got products within a week. But Amazon is showing it will take 45 days to reach me!!

Also I emailed PXS. They also said it will take around 2 months to reach me.

I use USPS First class International. I cannot afford the higher priority services as they are too costly.
I haven't bought anything from LAL after the payment problems. I have used the trading platform instead and got some good bargains.

Haven't bought through Amazon. I have bought directly from vendors only

Bought a lot from PXS. They told me it will take 45 days to get products delivered but it took only 8 days for delivery. I used the lowest costing USPS delivery.

Been short of mones and am thinking about placing a big order to Aromafero. They have good reviews here and Paulius seems very helping. You can buy products of multiple vendors and save shipping charges.
03-24-2019 11:20 PM
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RE: Cheated lots of money by allpheromones
09-25-2019 4:47 AM

Unfortunately you got screwed but this will serve you as a lesson
Don t be naive buying supposed brands on eBay amazon dhgate
For smaller sites, check reviews on trustpilot

I was gonna buy perfumes on some discount web shop and a few users warned against diluted perfume in this forum
For mones, look for reviews in this forum and you won t be screwed again

If you re short on money you have 2 options:

- buy trial bottles
Quite a few sellers sell them, it s cheap and great option to try if they suit you before buying bigger
As for aromafero, I ordered thanks to this forum and he sells different best sellers in full bottles or trial sizes
He s been selling for a few years, has great feedback, is a fan of phéromones and can even help you to select what you re looking for
Delivery is very fast

- buy from companies directly in US
Some offer trial sizes too (lpmp ...)
Subscribe to their newsletter and they will send you coupon codes several times a year with nice discounts (father s day, summer sales, thanksgiving ...)
So when you like one of their products you will be able to buy with nice discount

- don t buy too many to start with as experienced users all advise you test each product at least a month with diffrt dosages to get a good understating of each product
09-25-2019 4:47 AM
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