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Captian Picard
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Joined: Mar 2014
Sex: Often Please
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RE: Captian Picard
05-05-2015 10:46 PM

You can request it to be moved back, since now you'll be posting your Captain reviews here. Smile

With Captain, I spray cologne on my underarms/torso only and leave app points alone. This is due to the spray volume of CPT as you've noticed. Works well.

ME = Awesome
ME(Mones) = Awesome(Quicker)
ME = Awesome

Phero Tool Chest
Pheromone Treasures
Desi, Auraental, AT, CPT, THU, EFZ, GOA, AOA, TS*, Z69*
Apex Pheromones
Core, Titan, Core V2*
Liquid Alchemy Labs
Wolf, DP, A4A, OD*
Love Scent
A314,Chikara, scented SOE, old NPA, W.A.G.G-N (all '09 - '10 vintage)
Vero Labs
LT ('09 vintage)

used up & will re-purchase
^in shipment
not re-purchased/swapped
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05-05-2015 10:46 PM
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