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Body vs Face
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RE: Body vs Face
03-29-2022 5:55 PM

Tally so far:
Body: 7
Face: 4
Don't know: 2
03-29-2022 5:55 PM
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Marcus Antonius
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RE: Body vs Face
04-13-2022 2:10 PM

I found that post quite late, but a fortnight is not really a dead post...

While I fully agree with Gladen (personality is an integral part of attractiveness - and the ass man is true also here), I thought who I have met in the last half century?

If I might - just for the sake of argument - forget the personality and focus solely on the physique, I can't remember of many girls/woman (and while I am might not be the expert, I think that's true for men as well) that differ more than 2 points on the HB scale as I perceive it. So a person with a perfect body or face won't be worse than average in the other aspect. Exceptions would be victims of accidents like burns, or some rare tumors or so.

Evolutionary this makes fully sense. What we call nice/beautiful/hot are signs of perfect health, both from nature and nurture. Facial symmetry, nice sex-specific bone structure, smooth and clear skin, good hair and so on communicate a good nutrition status, the right amount of hormones, a beneficial genetic and epigenetic proposition, good immunity, the right amount of lean body mass and fat, i.e. a perfect partner to mate with and produce offspring.

So whatever the overall reproductive health state of a person is, it will most likely affect both aspects of physique, again, unless you have had an accident or so.

That's by the way the reason we pherotruthers fake some evolutionary signs of superior reproductive health with external molecules. But this is ok, nearly all woman do the same with makeup...

Interestingly, imho, genetics rarely produce physically ugly humans. The key for physical ugliness is, imho, detrimental nutrition, and there vitamins D3 and K2 and some minerals during pregnancy and early childhood. There is the forgotten book of the American / Canadian dentist Weston Price "Nutrition and physical degeneration" (you can find a online version somewhere in the net). The writing style might repulse today's woke generation, but he was really a non-racist. He described (in funny 1930ish language) how all the 'sauvages' and 'primitives' which lived the traditional lifestyle and ate traditional foods are good-looking with good facial bone structures and healthy teeth, while 'civilization' and 'modernization' causes degeneration. Google "Weston price faces" and go to the image page.

So contrary to the woke 'body positivity', a person who is truly not attractive is most likely not healthy. And, for today's main reason of unattractivness, to call someone with 50 pounds over fat beautiful is lying and not helping that person either, imho. And if anyone think that is a douchebag statement, I don't exclude myself from that, if I look at my pictures from 2012 I'm just embarrassed!

I probably overloaded the scope of the original poster, but imho there is no HB10 body with a HB2 face or vice versa.


Don't blame gravity for your stumbling - learn to walk!
(This post was last modified: 04-13-2022 3:08 PM by Marcus Antonius.)
04-13-2022 2:10 PM
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