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Body Pheromone
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Body Pheromone
02-08-2022 8:16 AM

Nopoo vs. Shampoo
There are people who practice no poo and do without
shampoos and body care. There is a man who doesn't use
shampoos and he only showers with water. It is said that
he smells like a real man. I find this topic very interesting
and would like to learn more about it.

People who don't use shampoos retain their body's
scent and pheromones. The downside is that these
men can stink.

On the other hand, most people use shampoos and
personal care products. Some products clog the skin.
There are also many deodorants that contain aluminum.
I've heard that skin pores can't breathe.

Organic products
I want use organic products for example Aloe vera,
argan oil, essential oils, shower with natural soap and
organic lotions for anti-aging.
Can organic products prevent pheromone production?
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02-08-2022 8:16 AM
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Getting comfortable

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Body Pheromone
03-13-2022 2:51 AM

In my opinion, diet and exercise play a major role in your body odor. Eat very clean foods. Lots of greens and fruits. When you exercise you want to get to the point of sweating alot. The sauna can be a good supplement to help you sweat some more.

I had a friend once who to this day does not take showers, use body wash or shampoo. He sits in the sauna for 30 min and and scrubs away all the dead skin with a coarse brush. Then right after the sauna he wipes his body clean of sweat with a towel. Then when he gets home after walking, (enough time to cool down) he puts on coconut oil all over his body. He didn’t have a bad body odor to him at all. He almost had a captivating presence that I assume is from no showers and his pure phero cloud. To add on he also was at the end of a liquid fast for 30 days at this time so he had little toxins in his body.
03-13-2022 2:51 AM
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