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Best phero for that first "spark?"
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RE: Best phero for that first "spark?"
12-12-2018 2:59 PM

(12-07-2018 10:10 AM)Sweet.J.25 Wrote:  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Well, assuming that a 2nd date happens, I would suggest not putting him on such a pedestal. Computer-generated unicorn or not, he's just a guy like any other, so don't sweat it; if sparks fly then cool, if not, then cool.

Most people (man or woman) that can get anyone they want are aware of this facet of themselves, at least on some cursory level. Nervousness around them is somewhat common, so that's no huge deal. What I think will probably matter the most to him is whether or not he finds you engaging, stimulating, and unique.

From what you're describing, it honestly sounds like you're going through what myriad men go through when trying to meet and to get to know women they find attractive. While the others have given you excellent advice on pheromone blends, I'll only suggest that you be your best, true self if the second opportunity presents itself; as no matter what happens, you owe that to yourself.

I think that if he just wanted sex with you then he'd have moved the date up quite a bit, but that's just an unfounded feeling so I could be way off base there.

However, assuming a second encounter happens and the OKC match up is actually accurate; you'll only pique his affection by being your true best self. Any airs you might put on just won't hold up over the course of time.

So forget about your missteps; laugh about them, recover from your own self-imposed folly and just have fun. Everything else, plus the pheromones will ultimately work out to the best, I think. To paraphrase SnoopyAce, put your pheromones on, remember that you are, and to be, awesome, and enjoy yourself. Everything else will work itself out.

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12-12-2018 2:59 PM
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