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Best mone results on workout days
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RE: Best mone results on workout days
01-06-2013 9:49 PM

(01-06-2013 9:18 PM)nicktoons Wrote:  
Quote:Here's a site critiquing 'buffered creatine' which it suggests is simply normal creatine with a buffer added, at least in this instance. I have tons more creatine than I'm ever going to use in the next few years. If this stuff is just creatine monohydrate with a buffer added, I can MAKE that for way cheap. I've never had any issues using creatine monohydrate in the dosages I do. I don't know what would happen to me if I were taking huge doses, but I intend to keep things reasonable. The average american diet overdoses on creatine for the level of exercise that the average american gets. I've spent some time looking at some buffered creatines and they look like so much marketing hype, as far as I can tell, long on endorsements and short on actual science. I'll keep an open mind, but so far I already have a pretty high magnesium diet and I haven't seen anything that suggests these new creatines would help me.


A pH of 12?! That's the same alkalinity as sodium hydroxide which is a powerfully caustic base. I suspect you'd saponify the oils in your skin with something that strong.

I suspect the high ph is to protect it from being broken down by stomach acid, just my educated guess though. I'm sure I would have bledding ulcers by now if it was related to sodium hydroxide Smile

Or the stated pH could be wrong, possibly.

[Image: Example.jpg]
01-06-2013 9:49 PM
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RE: Best mone results on workout days
01-10-2013 10:09 PM

(01-06-2013 9:31 PM)dsouza Wrote:  I have found that my use of the supplement ASSAULT by MusclePharm which contains creatine and my positive experiences with working out and using mones the same day before the crash, only hurt me in the long run.

Creatine upsets my stomach and makes me bloated.

I have recently switched to vegetarian pre workouts called "VEGA". I take a pre workout, a post workout electrolyte supp, a protein powder with no lactose, and also find the lack of caffeine has me sleeping better at night making my mind a lot more alert .. No crash.

Also I find I had to cut down my weights to smaller amount.. Because I wasn't taking creatine I wasn't as strong.. But still the relative exertion without creatine made my muscles grow with less poundages so I still am bigger with less fat although I'm not as strong.

I like this much better..

i now find I'm too tense, tired, and just want to eat and sleep on workout days. the days off from working out is when I apply mones, and go out.. This has worked wonders for me.

Any comments?

After going back and forth with wiserd, thought to myself "what the heck, let's cycle off the kre-alkalyn for a change". It's not that I am really concerned about using it but like anything else, moderation is key. I can TOTALLY relate to how you are feeling without it after just a few days.

I too have had to cut back on total weight in each set. I would say I lost 10% or even a bit more with any given set of whatever, however I found a protein shake 30 minutes before lifting helps.

Have you tried beta alanine and L-Arginine? Does give one a bit of a boost before working out.
01-10-2013 10:09 PM
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RE: Best mone results on workout days
02-07-2013 4:30 AM

Does sweating and testosterone increase mess with the pheromones you add?
02-07-2013 4:30 AM
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