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Aromatherapy, homeopathy
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RE: Aromatherapy, homeopathy
09-03-2009 1:47 PM

Whoooo Recipes. I love that. I am going to have to try some of them.

Mamam would just throw herbs right in the tub with us. Then pap would tease us and ask her whats simmering in the tub for dinner and she would say she was stewing some cherubs Cry I miss them. Its ok its a good memory. Smile You did get bits and pieces but she would dump a bucket of water over our heads when we stood up to get them off. It was kinda cold to but she insisted it would lock in the goodness. I used to wonder if she just didn't feel like heating it all the way LOL

How about coffee grounds. Anyone who threw them away and get caught by her would get the evil eye LOL She used those for everything. Same thing with aluminum foil. She had a huge ball of it under the sink LOL My mother still has it. She couldnt throw it out.

Facial and body scrubs. (we weren't allowed to use those when we were kids but she would tell me to pay attention because when I got older I would (snort)

In the garden as a fertilizer

As a dye or stain for the baskets she weaved. I cant do that. Undecided

To clean her cauldron or pans that had burnt on stains.

I dont remember her exact recipe but she would use oil (whatever she had in the kitchen) , coffee grounds, sugar and rose oil. She died in her nineties and her skin looked fabulous P I think people thought it was some spell she cast to look young but I swear it was those coffee grounds.

In our bath she would throw dried rosemary mint and lavender.

I love mint and have a lot growing in my rock garden. The chocolate mint named for the color of the leaf, not the taste is my favorite.

Mint is very good for acne and scaring. None of us except my brother, ever had acne because she would make us a mint splash to take home with us in the summer. He was the only one who would not use it LOL It was probably similar to your mint recipe there Bella.

She used to say that taking mint in dried form before sex with a glass of water would prevent pregnancy (snort) She had 11 kids . Guess that one didn't work LOL

But we mostly used it for stomach ailments and cramps. When my son complains of a stomach ache I give him some mint leaves to chew on or make a tea and he feels all better.

Rubbing mint on outside keeps the pesky bugs away

Its great to use in a foot rub to for circulation and to ward of fungus.

Oh my goddess the hankie trick LOL Yep my grandmother did it to but with Lavender.

Ahhhhh Memories are great. Thanks for putting up with mone Heart

09-03-2009 1:47 PM
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