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AD Light Cops Trick....
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Shelly B
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AD Light Cops Trick....
11-26-2012 11:28 AM

Hi all -

I know a bunch of you ordered some things from the Fragrance Shop in the last couple sales. Not sure if any of you ordered the silicon dry oil spray or not BUT if you did - there is a fun application trick I've been playing with using the AD Light Cops for the last 3 months. It occurred to me it was worth sharing in case anyone was interested.

The Dry Oil Sil spray felt very similar to me to the AD Light Cops when sprayed in my hand - not on my body. So - to monkey around with it - I've spraying equal sprays AD Light Cops to FS Dry Oil in my hand - and schmearing it all over relevant body parts that will be exposed. This mixes scent and cops at one time and let's me stretch the extra cops all over parts that might not have gotten any...

I can't to do this all the time - I would break out using this much SIL - but on a big "date night" or Holiday Party night? This has been rocking. The extra cops gives me the SWING - it's hidden in a fragrance I was already going to wear, and I've got it places I might not have put it - like my legs, up and down my arms and across my upper back - where heat can really diffuse it.

I do notice a really positive reaction to it from men as well...and with it slowly diffusing in the sil overnight in all those spots...*if* the man is over - I tend to get woken up. Always a bonus...

My Best,
Shelly B
11-26-2012 11:28 AM
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