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A Solution Androstadienone Depression?
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RE: A Solution Androstadienone Depression?
01-09-2019 12:39 PM

If it helps anyone, in my experience Turmeric is probably the strongest natural antidepressant I have ever tried. That is to say, in my experience and after having tried many natural and synthetic supplements, turmeric is the one with the highest incidence in my dopamine levels (never took synthetic antidepressants).

It should be noted that I take other mostly natural supplements, so I think the effects are partly a result of all of them.

After trying many things over the past 6 years, I think this combination of things is what has given me the best results by far, with zero (at least for now) side effects.

I take Omega 3 (fish oil capsules), Spirulina (capsules), a tablespoon of Turmeric extract mixed with black pepper (greatly increases absorption), 5-15 minutes of sun every day, or a vitamin D3 supplement when I can't, and Modafinil occasionally (2-3 times a week and only when I need it).

I used to take Modafinil every day and after almost 3 years of consumption I can say that it is the best synthetic supplement I have tried, with no side effects so far, (at least for me) and the only one I currently take (I tried noopept, piracetam, pramiracetam, and others). I used to take choline supplements, and acetyl-L-carnitine, but I ran out.

I eat a plate of oatmeal with vanilla extract and stevia or honey for breakfast. Eggs and cheese every day. I added lots of fruits and vegetables to my diet and cut my alcohol, sugars, and processed foods consumption by 90%. I do 40 minutes of biking every day as well.

You have to get your nutrition in check, otherwise, there are no pheromones, therapy, NLP, meditation, subliminals, etc. that will work for you (and I have tried them all). You have to balance your hormones and the chemicals in your body. It took me several years of trial and error, and a lot of money spent on supplements, studies, programs, etc., to figure this out. "You are what you eat" and your nutrition is probably what is going to have the biggest impact on your life, even more than pheromones. Exercise is also extremely important, especially if you suffer from depression.

I have been consuming Turmeric for the past two months, with a tremendous impact, especially on my mental stamina and motivation. And I can safely use A-1 for how many days in a row I want now (9 days was the maximum I tried), where before 2-3 days of use in a row and the negative feelings start to creep in. I think it's a great addition to your diet, but it's also a combination of it all.
01-09-2019 12:39 PM
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