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5/01/17 Review of Perfect Match in Promise - LPMP
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5/01/17 Review of Perfect Match in Promise - LPMP
05-10-2017 2:15 PM

I tested Perfect Match in Promise once in October of 2013 and I knew that this was an awesome phero that went well with my chemistry. I accidentally slathered this mone and used half of the vial at once. The weather was overcast, but it ended up getting really warm and I wore a sweater. The fragrance smelled good in the bottle, but smelled amazing on my skin. This was a beautiful clean floral and I got lots of compliments on how I smelled. No matter how much I had put on – the fragrance never got loud.

I did not get any self effects and I don’t recall the throw, but my hits were amazing. Some of my most notable hits were:

I parked in a parking lot where I wasn't supposed to park. This guy aout 40s, tall saw me and he told me not to park there. He said that they will tow my car.. When he got hit by the mone cloud he told me that I could have his space. And he had me follow him in my car to take his parking space.

My second hit was a guy same age range taller maybe 6'3". He held the door open for me as we arrived at the same doctors office. I signed in and he signed in after me. I really wasn't paying attention and the he asked me..."are you married"? I was so shocked. I still couldn't bring myself to look at him. I told him no. Then he asked me if I wanted to get married. I paused. By this time all of the women in the office had gathered at the counter and were staring at us. It was a cluster of about five or six women. He was just grinning. And then he said, "I guess the answer is no." I said, "well maybe at some point." And he said, "well that is good."

Then one of the nurses called us both back to the front because we signed the wrong sign in sheet. We went back up to the front and he signed the right sheet. Then he told me "Honeycake, you sign right above my name because you were here first." He pointed to an empty space above his name on the sign in sheet. I started giggling and I couldn't stop. Sure enough he left a space for me to sign my name right above his.

Then one of the nurses was like, "Why are you asking her if she wants to be married?" And he made some comment and she was like, " I want to know because I am nosy." So of course I take my seat and he sits next to me to my left.

Then an older man comes in about 50ish or so maybe older. He starts giving me goo goo eyes with a huge smile. We speak. He signs in and he sits to my right. He keeps looking at me and smiling. Then we make small talk and eventually he - drum roll..... asks me if I am married and if I would like to be.

By this time I am about to jump out of my seat and climb the ceiling. I cannot believe that this is happening from a phero!

Then a young guy about 20ish comes in and he speaks to the men in the room. He then starts to hover around me. He then sits directly behind me and continually brushes against the back of my seat. I turn around. He smiles and speaks. I speak in return. Then he asks me...."are you married?" I wish I was lying!

When I told my mom about the hits I got asking me about marriage, she went on a spiel about marriage a babies and how I should wear this out to some upscale locations and then I would find Mr. Honeycake. She then told me that I need to buy a full bottle of this as soon as it is practical for me to do so.

Happily, I did not get any bad hits from women. Women were either neutral or pleasant. I am definitely getting a full bottle of this. Smile

Androtics: Instant Sexiness B & MX426
05-10-2017 2:15 PM
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