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2/7/18 Review of LPMP Sexology 3
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2/7/18 Review of LPMP Sexology 3
02-07-2018 9:48 PM

2/7/18 Review of LPMP Sexology 3

I tested Sexology 3 in oil for about three months from July-September 2014. The weather varied from the low 90s to the high 80s. I usually wore 3-4 dots to my necks, hands, or wrists. In the bottle it smelled like brown sugar and maple syrup. On my body it smelled horrible, loud, and unclean. The smell was so bad sometimes it made me gag. I also had others, mostly women, complain of a strong urine smell when they were near me. I had to cover this with Sinner & Saint so I could wear it.

The throw on the fragrance was 5-10 feet. I did not get any self-effects. The effects on others varied. Women of all ages were unpredictable. Sometimes they were nice super nice and fawning over me – giving me lots of compliments and other times they were downright nasty. Another effect that Sexology 3 had was like a truth serum. I had women confide in me about their finances, family members, or tell me not to buy a product they were selling and then they would direct me to another store.

Men of all ages gave some pretty strong consistent hits. Generally, they were chivalrous. Allowing me to go first when in line, lots of excuse me’s when passing me, lots of staring, and some even gave me free stuff.

My strongest hit was one that happened when a guy about 70ish hit on me. I was terrified. I was walking past him and he told me how beautiful he thought I was and he asked me my name. I thanked him and told him. Then he told me his name and extended his hand for me to shake it. I shook it, then he grabbed my hand, and started to grab me into him. As he was doing this he was telling me, “I was watching you and you are a really beautiful woman - where do you live, today is my birthday, come to my party - I have free drinks and food etc.” I was struggling to get away from him and I was terrified. I was also pissed because no one stopped to help me. When I got away form him he kept staring at me until I got completely away from him.

In the end I didn’t like this phero. The results with women were too unpredictable, I got tired of the true confessions from people, and then there were the high responders like that guy who was grabbing me up in public. So unless, I am applying for a bank loan from a male banker– I would not buy this again. However maybe others may find some of these elements pleasing.

Androtics: Instant Sexiness B & MX426
02-07-2018 9:48 PM
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