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1 Million Lucky, pheromones effect ???
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1 Million Lucky, pheromones effect ???
08-26-2018 3:22 AM

About 6 month ago after spraying 1 spray of 1 Million Lucky I had one of the best day of my life; like almost literately. That day I was doing street hypnosis and that day my confidence was so high that my close ratio with customer was just "EPIC". Even some of my friends who are usually difficult to put under an hypnotic transe were lining up to try my technique. I think I was this good that day because I was super confident.
I didn't buy the perfume though, it was used from a store.
The next time around I was still great doing hypnosis as I learn from that great day but it wasn't as good as that day. I wasn't wearing One million lucky anymore.
I did street hypnosis for around a month then I stopped, as it was winter and the weren't as much customer, also the group was breaking up due to some members been too stupid. I don't know why I didn't try again one Million Lucky as to me maybe some of that day was due to that perfume effects.

6 month later ....
Yesterday I met with a friend, he was part of the hypnosis group. We wanted to do it again but they still weren't enough people around. The morning I sprayed 1 Million Lucky, one spray on my wrist, because I know the GF likes it. I was with my GF and I noticed while driving in the car I felt more Alpha like when I'm wearing an alpha pheromone product, I was irritated and very angry at every little piece of shit who drove too slowly.
It wasn't the first time I noticed it was affecting me while driving, but this time I noticed it more strongly. In a close spaced I often get that with Alpha type pheromones, I get it with Wolf and BW, with BW its more noticeable.

So later I met with my friend and we started doing hypnosis, at some point we found a nice spot and we had a nice flow of customer.
And again it happened , I felt super confident, to the point that my speech was almost perfect and on point. One girl I did, I felt like I was an expert hypnotist with at least 3 years of experience, when the girl woke up she was ecstatic.
I had a bit of nude that morning too so it may have help get the effects stronger.

It seems there is some pheromones effects from that formula. I don't get that with One million the first version, I don't get angry, I don't smell the heaviness like with 1 million Lucky. One million lucky is very sweet (peach plum like) at first but at the dry down it's a masculine patchouli Vetiver scent. One Million I can smell it very close to my nose, it doesn't irritate me at all. One Million Lucky I can't do that, it's a bit too heavy and I get a light barely noticeable headache with it, which is why I didn't buy it I think.
Sauvage does that to me also but I don't get angry and confident with Sauvage, I feel a bit weak actually as it's irritating me in a depressive way.
With BW for example I also feel like there is an heavy smell from the scent and I get some similar effects while smelling it directly (not the depressive but the heaviness)

What do you guys think, ever tried that perfume?

Here is one review I found from Fragrantica which may not be a coincidence:

Quote:Got this cologne after smelling it in Macy’s, very good and my girlfriend loved it. I only smelled it on paper, but buying it before putting it on skin was a mistake. The cologne still smelled good, but there is something in this cologne I had a bad reaction to. I was in bed for two days throwing up and didn’t start feeling better until I washed the cologne off. (Of course at first I didn’t think it was the cologne, I thought I ate something extremely bad.) but tonight I was with my girlfriend, (who loves the scent) so I decided to wear it and once again I got extremely nauseas on the verge of throwing up with horrible stomach cramps. I immediately hopped in the shower scrubbed my entire body raw and washed my hair through and after an additional 30 minutes of feeling horrible the nausea, feeling of throwing up, and stomach cramps disappeared. The fragrance is nice smells good and my girlfriend loves it, but there is something in here...

I also get a bit of that when sleeping, when my wrist is close to my nose I can't sleep it's bothering me. I had to wash it before sleeping. Same with BW it's not as easy to sleep with it, I still can sleep but it's not as easy. That guy in that review is probably extra sensitive to what's in there.
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08-26-2018 3:22 AM
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